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  • GenJackripper GenJackripper Oct 31, 2004 1:03 AM Flag

    (OT) What the Sinclair Group was

    pressured into not telecasting, Stolen Honor, should now be yours for FREE for just the time spent downloading the 42+ minute film. The hyperlink has intentionally been sabatoged this time, to get this message past the mb police and posted. Just close the gap.


    If you haven't already done so, don't forget to vote this Tuesday.

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    • General - Thanks for that!
      Too bad it may be too late. Why wasn't this available when the fat guy was touting his 9/11 film?
      Very riveting and profound.
      I do not need to say more!

      • 1 Reply to toptalk99
      • It's funny that you should ask, << Why wasn't this available when the fat guy was touting his 9/11 film? >>

        The fact is that it WAS available about 2 months ago, but not for FREE. You could then purchase it (as you still can) in both VHS & DVD formats from the web site for $19.95.

        Why it's now been made available by a free downloading, the General has no idea other than the approaching Election Day has made it more important for it to be widely disseminated than the 'money' consideration.

        Why the General finds your question "funny," tt99, harkens back to the "bait" he left in message #21442, when he gave the second reason for his recent absence from contributing to this mb. He wrote that:

        << b) he's been at war. >>

        Since no one here took the bait, the General said no more.

        But now you've touched a nerve, tt99, with your all-encompassing question about Stolen Honor, the fat guy, and F-9/11. So the General thought he'd share with the readers what he learned from his 'war' experience.

        The 'war' revolves around the IRS's Code Section 501C3 (which MK could probably recite in his sleep).

        For the past two to three years, the General has been volunteering at a senior center. His 'volunteering' consists, primarily, of producing selected programs for the seniors' enjoyment, entertainment, and edification. You might think of the General as the Max Bialystock of the senior center set, except for the "gotta have the checkie" and "fantasy role-playing" aspects.

        The center operates as a tax-exempt organization under the provisions of 501C3. Now 501C3 does not prohibit political programs, it only requires that you're not supposed to be one-sided in what you present when it comes to a candidate for public office. Here, edited for clarity, is its wording:

        << which does not intervene in any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office. >>

        Would you consider the unchallenged, unrefuted, unrebutted showing of F-9/11 only 2 WEEKS BEFORE Election Day to be NOT INTERVENING << in any political campaign in opposition to any candidate for public office. >>?

        In the early course of the war, before the screening was actually held, one of the General's coalition of allies remarked, in an almost off-handed way, "I wonder how the (Jewish) audience would feel about the film if they knew (which they & the General didn't know) that Michael Moore had accepted the support and promotional assistance of a terrorist's front organization (Hezbollah) in the extra-domestic distribution of his film in certain countries in the middle-east.

        Then, the General was directed to the documented proof of the fat guy's anti-semitic and anti-American pronouncements.

        So with the assistance of the coalition forces, the General was able to summon the U.S. Cavalry, who showed up at the 11th hour and would've spoken for just 5 minutes (Following the 122 minute showing of F-9/11), had the enraptured audience not kept him up there (for close to 20 minutes) answering their questions.

        When you add in the handouts of the documentation testifying to the truth of the abovementioned allegations against the fat guy (as provided by yours truly), it was the bizarro version of the Little Big Horn. This time the U.S. Cavalry 'emerged trumpant'.

        On Friday night, 10/15, just hours after the General had printed out the reports of the fat guy's "Hezbollah connection,"� he shows up as Jay Leno's lead-off guest on The Tonight Show. In answer to a pandering Leno's question as to how much F-9/11 has taken in thus far, the fat guy says that the film (which cost $6 million to make) has grossed $120 million domestically and is approaching a half a BILLION dollars, world-wide.

        � Just Search: michael moore hezbollah

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