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  • princessalouie princessalouie Dec 8, 2004 2:31 PM Flag

    Good future for CCA

    Here's a tidbit from Congressional Quarterly about the new intelligence bill. The new detention beds are great news for CCA, if they can get it appropriated.

    HA! Maybe that donation to Tom DeLay wasn't so stupid after all!!

    Intelligence Overhaul Gives Big Boosts to Border Patrol, Customs, Immigration
    By Justin Rood, CQ Staff
    Congress� last-minute agreement on intelligence overhaul legislation could send tens of thousands of new security agents and hundreds of millions of dollars in new funding to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

    While the spy agencies scrambled to determine what they won or lost following the bill�s radical restructuring of the intelligence community, the final agreement reached by congressional negotiators Tuesday on the 9/11 intelligence bill (S 2845) orders DHS to hire more than 14,000 new employees in the next five years and authorizes new budget funds topping $2 billion.

    The legislation directs DHS to add at least 10,000 new Border Patrol agents and 4,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigators by 2010. It also directs DHS to expand its immigration detention facilities by at least 40,000 beds by 2010. All expansions were subject to future appropriations

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    • welcum to the reeel world princesses

    • Zeppo ("wampum") should take a tip from Harpo and keep his mouth shut when he's clueless.

      "Our giving mission is underprivileged or troubled youth," Chickering said.

      What their giving mission is "the shaft" To employees, to inmates, to taxpayers, and mostly to stockholders,as the message threads so clearly state, but actually giving payoffs to pols and lobbyists. This is what cost CSC so dearly in New York. Delay is a pirate captain of a sinking ship.

      CCA blew it when they paid off DeLay, whose charity exists for its own sake (what do they give, 1% of their assets?). The story was first carried in Kentucky where they expected to waltz off with the publicly built Little Sandy Hook pen, thanks to ex-CCA VP Rees. But the story was carried in the Lexington Herald Leader, in a state where the governor is slightly less popular than Osama.

      The Chickerings have come home to roost. Susan Hart, revered in previous posts, was no better, when she indicated, in Texas, that the Corporation owed no obligation to let officials and the public know what out-of-state sorts they had in their pens, nor any obligation to assist capture of those that got loose.

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