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  • toptalk99 toptalk99 Jan 4, 2005 3:44 PM Flag

    Today's Action

    Any idea what is allowing us to rise against the general overall market? Could it be something to do with the great contract in Youngstown? Maybe some ratings upgrades we haven't seen on the News as yet?
    No complaints, just curious - I like it.....

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    • tt99, it was 3 weeks ago today (message #21510 on 12/14/04), when the General wrote that CXW was in the final ("handle" completion) stage of its c-w-h consolidation. He gave the "breakout's" pivot point as $40.10.

      CXW was not to achieve that breakout for almost 2 more weeks when, on Monday, 12/27/04, its i-d h reached $40.81 (close was @ $39.88) on 149,000 shares traded [which was only 111.27% of its (then) ADV, but that's still better than being < its ADV].

      So now CXW is doing what a "breakout" is called a breakout for (and, on a multiple of its ADV).

      Ours is not to question the "Why?," tt99. Ours is to hope that it continues doing what it did today (set a new 52-week high) so that in times to come, it will have risen high enough that the nicster can afford to move out of that Sears Roebuck freezer carton near the abutment under the bridge.

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      • we found your older more paste board boxes....nic found him a place in sunny florida and bought it, exactly two weeks b4 the first he got to enjoy (from 981 miles away) all three (or 4) of them....thing is, he couldn't get a single condo with wheels on it, so had to get one of them that has hurricane shutters, guards, and big trees that got knocked down so the condo fee would go also has a golf course. imagine that!!! lee county golf consists of pabst blue ribbon beer (in quantity) followed by public urination, belching, far^ing, and misogynous behavior till the beer wears off.

        occasionally someone in the foursome must hit a ball. then everyone else drives to it in V8 golf carts, making sure to leave "greenies" along the way. the ball closest to the pin is the next stroke, but since we've ususally lost the other 3, we gotta go to wherever it's hit and bring it back for the next guy...leaving greenies, of course, along the can see why only eight or ten foursomes are allowed on the course each day.....inmates at the lee county....correctional complex get to use the course on tuesdays and thursdays, if cxw has paid its dues on time....they have the lowest handicaps posted, but do cheat a lot...makes 'em almost as bad as the lawyers and preachers...who by the way can't drink on the public course, so they just smoke some dope with their heads in their golf bags so nobody can see....all are protestant, of course, so they get high and talk about the great mysteries of the bible....and some of them theories would give jerry foulwell pride...the tsunami occurred, it was revealed by "brother tom," because God wanted to punish a swingers' convention on the beach at phuquet, which he also wanted to destroy because of its name....foulwell agreed, but pat robertson said on the 700 club that if george bush had asked robertson, he'd have put his hand on the tv and stopped it like he did the hurricane several years ago...while he was dealing with the prostate cancer victim at the same time.......

        and clarence thomas went into scalia's office, said "yaas, massah" a few times, then picked the latest pubic hair off his coke can, picked up his $4000 plane ticket to the swingers' convention in phuquet next year, and said "God, i look forward to when that liberal fool rehnquist dies so george can appoint a true conservative....then scalia quit moving his fingers and thomas fell silent....

        a true tragedy that crossfire got more tucker carlson to confirm his ignorance each day, no more robert novak to shill for bush every day, no more foulwell to talk about condoms in junior high schools, and no more carville to brag about his masturbatory techniques....(come to think about it, if i was married to mary, i'd be perfecting my techniques also)....

        oh well, tomorrow's sunday, a day of christian charity.....

        pray for peace....and for the souls of those who happened to be in the way when the punitive God the right wing believes in decided to punish a few of the 160K people who got in the way.....

        all the best.

      • Very profound, General. Let's hope the nicster can move real soon!

    • you better hope some Bozo doesn't put a buy rec. out and send us down 5 pts.

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