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  • GenJackripper GenJackripper May 3, 2005 6:17 PM Flag

    (OT) Request of w_w_c.

    It's been more than 7� months since you've graced this board with your presence (message #21412), but if you're still lurking here, w_w_c, the General may be winging his way your way within a fortnight.

    He'd appreciate it if you'd keep the shooters with the stinger missiles indoors. Thnx.

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    • General, I have been checking in less frequently of late. Hence, the slow response, for which I apologize.

      I'm happy to hear you are coming this way. Since you have past experience, I'm sure you will be able to understand our accent.

      I'm sorry to say the Celtics just dropped out of the playoffs. For a while, we thought we had a (very slim) chance of three sports championships in the same year in Boston.

      You may want to attend a Red Sox game. It is fun, but you will have to exchange all of your CXW for a ticket!

      Remember when reading the Boston Globe to treat it as you would a photographic negative...the real picture is sort of the reverse. Make sure your hotel TV has the Fox News Channel so you will know what is happening!

      For orientation, the New Boston Garden, which agreed to be called the Shawmut Center, was the Fleet Center by the time it opened. B of A bought Fleet and was going to name it the Bank of America Center until they found out what that would cost. So, by the time you arrive, it will be known as....The Boston Garden!

      Finally, and seriously, you will be arriving at a great time. Spring is here and the Boston Pops Season has started. If you do nothing else, be sure to get to a POPS concert.

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      • w_w_c, the General appreciates your advisories and suggested things to do while visiting Bean Town. There was no need to aplogize for any 'delayed' response.

        Unfortunately, the General has come and went and his brief weekend stay in the Bay State was fully scheduled (w/a familial event) and did not afford an opportunity to do any sight-seeing. But your kindness and consideration is appreciated.

        If you should ever consider a visit to Burpelson AFB territory on the left coast, let the General know and he'll try to reciprocate.

        On this trip, rather than fly into BOS (which was not his destination), the General flew into PVD. The weather and approach altitude afforded an opportunity to scan the extent of RI and beyond, bringing to mind the So Cal wildfires of 18+ months ago and the fact that the largest of them (in Burpelson's territory), exceeded that of "Poor Little Rhode Island" and almost exceeded the size of 49th ranked Delaware.

        If he'd had the spare time, taking in the "Pops" would've been his pleasure.

        One lesson that the General learned from his brief visit, was that, apparently, the public school system in MA doesn't prepare a teenager to give correct change any more accurately than CA's high schoolers can. Had he not been burdened by conscience, the General coulda made out like a bandit in filling up his rental car before departing for PVD.

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