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    • Your info on when Exboss got his identity is

      First off, you put that he got his identity on 6-18-88
      instead of 6-18-99 (just a typo I'm sure). However, the
      date of the "Last Update" on a person's identity only
      means that the info on the identity was last updated on
      that date, not when the identity was actually created.
      Of course, it's entirely possible that Exboss did,
      in fact, create the identity on 6-18-99. However,
      one cannot say that for sure based just on the Last
      Update date.

      I'm sure that your post was to give
      the impression that Exboss had just arrived on the
      scene and that because of that, his credibility may be
      questionable. But again, we don't know the actual date that
      Exboss did create the identity.

    • ...may be about to break the record...

    • Any issuance of stock to pay the dividend is
      permanently dilutive, which is why debt is being used instead
      to fund the dividend. Debt can be retired,
      refinanced, etc. In a REIT format, equity is difficult to
      permanently redeem. By the way, even if you choose the drip
      plan for your cash dividend, you'll have to pay
      current taxes (on both the special and regular dividend,
      for that matter).

    • I believe that if the dividend was in the form of
      an interest bearing preferred stock it would meet
      REIT requirements. This could be registered and traded
      separately from the common. It might also permit tax
      dererral of the dividend but I'm not sure of that - need a
      tax knowledgable poster to clarify that part of it.
      One thing for sure - it would save cash and permit
      more growth.

    • would it be better to take your dividens in cash, and then buy the stock rather than take all your dividens stock?

    • This would not satisfy the REIT payout
      requirement. Stock dividends dilute the equirty of a stock in
      an amount equal to the amount they give you, so they
      do not really return any earnings to you as the tax
      law requires. They are closer to stock splits in
      actual effect than to any kind of real

      Best - - - ST

    • This is my first post and I'm not too sure about
      what I'm doing. I have learned a lot since I started
      reading these posts a couple months ago.
      What would
      be the consequences if the year-end dividends were
      paid in stock instead of cash?

    • Would you e-mail
      please if you hear any material change. Thanks a bunch
      for your help.

      Still seems to be a decent
      bidder for the stock.....still larger sellers though

    • The Law offices of Joe Ima, David Sleazey and Paul Jurk
      announced they are suing PZN for shareholder fraud.

      This makes the record for most lawsuits against one company

    • Lehman plans to syndicate the loan in the latter
      half of July. As always, structure and loan pricing
      will be critical. I think it has a good chance of
      getting done but not at the Libor + 3% pricing that was
      originally discussed. More like L + 3.75% if I had to hazard
      a guess.

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