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  • yessuhrd yessuhrd Jul 9, 2007 6:47 PM Flag

    The split apparently occured Monday:

    CROX OT: My best recall is that August of last year I bought CROX, at about the Initial Public Offering Price of a few months earlier./ I am better at tracking longer term mutual funds trends, holding long term trades in stocks for fun. Othes have made over 300% in CROX, so there is no false modesty here with my 200%. /I trade out when a stock hits my Loss/Limit order, which I update periodically if the stock is rising. Occasionally, I trade out, like with CROX after a less than my usual 8% drop, last time at $44.80. If the stock rebounds and the trend looks good, I will jump back in, as I did at $47 today. Because I have a day job for the academic year, I can only due hands-on during vacations when we are not traveling, so basically it is a Stop Loss strategy./ I like THE TRADERS' ALMANAC, for good reading and advice, but did not go away in May this year although I'm getting antsy now./ I would be interested in your superior insights./ The Huss.

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    • PS. After CROX split, I took the proceeds from @ 100 shares
      and bought WLT (U.S. metallugical coal and real estate) after the Barron's article early in April. It is up about 30%, but this, as most else I do that happens to succeed, is just been dumb luck./The Huss.

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