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  • newMK newMK Jul 11, 2007 12:48 PM Flag

    The old newMK...

    just keeps getting older and has degenerated into a "lurker". I think us old guys go back about 10 years (probably more - I think they did the first REIT in 97) on this thread. What I lost in stock value over that period I more than gained in granddaughters.

    Yes, Doc was a visionary, among other things (but not my illegitimate father, as the general has occasionally intimated).

    But I'm always flattered to be mentioned in any way with the general and you other long-suffering posters!

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    • i had a note from the general that "there'd been an MK contact" on the cxw thread" and wanted to say "hey"....and to TT as well. life is good in the sweet spot of our commonwealth, and on the left coast of florida as well (where we're anchored but not-yet able to be fulltime)

      hope all's well w/you and yours. all the best. nic

    • The General wholeheartedly seconds your opinion, MK, regarding the "more than compensating gain" from granddaughters. Having each sired multiple male issue exclusively, until we achieved grandfatherhood, we were ignorant of the devastating power of 'little girls', and how they (instinctively) know precisely how to exercise that power over (non-sibling) older male family members from the time they come out of the chute.

      And it isn't even covered by the Geneva Convention, although it should be.

      You have it ass-backwards, MK, it's the General who's flattered to be associated with the likes of you, flipper, and even that old reprobate, Nic, who's no doubt still residing in the empty Sears freezer carton near an abutment under some overcrossing.

      And for the General to ever be mentioned in the same sentence with the market-maven (who didn't marry you for your considerable intellect), it's a real honor! <g>

    • MK
      Good to hear from you, and remember...everything old is new again! Think positively!

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