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  • lowrylance lowrylance Sep 8, 2007 1:16 AM Flag

    Federal Gov to settle lawsuit involving CCA Prison

    Lawsuits are becoming an issue and liability for CCA (CXW) and many other private prisons. I would stay away from GEO, CCA (CXW), and other private corrections investing in Texas. Texas trial lawyers are good at running high liability companies into the ground in Texas. These private prison companies are gaining lots of bad press in Texas. High risk liability is better left to the government to manage.

    Here is an article as posted by the Texas Observer.

    Still a Prison

    The federal government has agreed to improve living conditions for immigrant families held at a for-profit detention center in Central Texas. By doing so, it avoids trial in a lawsuit brought by the ACLU. A settlement reached in late August limits the types of immigrant families that can be held at the T. Don Hutto Residential Center, and should make life a bit less miserable for them.

    The former prison in Taylor reopened in May 2006 as a detention center for parents and children captured by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Operated under contract by Corrections Corp. of America, it quickly became a target of activists concerned about the deepening crackdown against undocumented immigrants.

    The center will undergo an extreme makeover, ranging from cosmetic tweaks, such as removing the phrase corrections facility from signs, to far reaching reforms, like improving mental health care and increasing freedom of movement for children. Children must be allowed to receive donations of toys, play more freely, and participate in activities outside of school hours. Parents gain better access to legal services and are permitted to interact with spouses during daytime hours.

    The agreement also stipulates that the center will hold only immigrant families subject to expedited removal, a sped-up deportation procedure designed for undocumented immigrants with no legal claim to stay in the United States. (Immigration authorities began releasing asylum seekers on bond shortly after the suit was filed.) A magistrate judge will oversee compliance with the terms.

    The settlement caps a yearlong movement involving immigrant rights groups, Taylor locals, and former detainees appalled at the idea of a prison holding children. The ACLU filed the suit on behalf of 10 child detainees against the Department of Homeland Security and others in March, following a barrage of reports of harsh conditions inside. A report by two faith-based refugee rights organizations in February skewered the feds for using penal detention model that is fundamentally anti-family and un-American. But the settlement falls short of the goal of many activists to shut down Hutto.

    The Hutto fight is not over at all, said Bob Libal, a member of the coalition Texans United for Families. You still have hundreds of immigrant children and their families in a prison. We feel there need to be alternatives to that.

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    • Old news, CXW has made some concessions with the Federal Government. The residents at Hutto are living better that than they would on the street ducking and dodging deportation. There will always be lawyers, that make a living filing suits on public and private facilities. Texas is busting at the seams, with over crowding issues. They will need beds to stay out from under another federal decree for overcrowding. The state will need both public and private facilities to meet that need. There will be no quiuck fix to stop the leaking boarders so I could not disagree with more. CXW, GEO,MTC, and a few others will remain healthy in Texas.

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