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  • djchappe10 djchappe10 Jun 9, 2008 3:32 AM Flag

    83.5 million for a prison

    $83,500,000/1072= $77,891 per bed

    average US family size is what? 2.5 or 3?
    2.5 beds=$194,727
    3 beds =$233,673

    They are living like middle class, and they have free food, and people taking care of them. They don't need to work. Sounds great! Crime does pay!

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    • Its not that simple. You are either predator or pray in prison. So if you are in with...lets say the "right crowd" you make a fortune in extortion, selling contraban like cigs, weed, drugs. I hear on "Lockdown" TV series that a pair of Air Jordan Sneakers go for $200 in prison. Who can afford that......if they are in prison. So there are some that use prison as an enterprise. Now if you are on the wrong side of this deal here, well...ypou might not make half the phone calls you are entitled too, might have to pay "cell rent" which is usually between 20-100 month if you are being extorted and the bigger guys are always walking up behind the small guys as they go into their cells and if they see anything they like...they just take it!!!! Dont believe me......get netflix streaming for 7.95 and you can watch every episode of the documentaries called "lockdown" and lockup". Your jaw will fall open.

      What I want to know is, california claims the highest incarceration rate in the country at 41k per yr to house a prisoner. Yet arizona, their next door neighbor, one prison there boasted it cost them $1.49 per day to feed their dogs, and 49 cents to feed their prisoners. What!!!!!! How can the bill per prisoner be that high? And what are they feeding these guys. Cat food? Bet an investigsation into this alone would close down 50% of US prisons. Problem is....where would you put the prisoners? Bigger problem is..........DOES ANYONE IN GOVT CARE ABOUT THIS WASTE!!!

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