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  • guywithbaldspot guywithbaldspot Jun 28, 2008 3:30 AM Flag

    Good luck to all the long time posters/holders!

    I sold all of my shares yesterday at $26.67 (of course the price goes up today damnit!) as I'm buying a house and will be using my proceeds as part of my down payment.

    It's been one hell of a ride, going from the PZN/REIT/Doc/reverse stock split days to CXW/Corp/Fergie/positive stock splits. I'm sure very few companies that survived had that kind of roller coaster ride!

    I know I would have cried a lot more if not for the chances to commiserate with my fellow long time holders and the camaraderie that developed as a result.

    I will you all good luck in the future! I may even still check in from time to time.

    P.S. Don't take any porcelain toilets!

    P.P.S. I think I've posted this before, but if you're looking for a VERY high risk, high reward play, you may want to take a chance on Cell Genesys, Inc. (CEGE) and .

    It's a biotech company that specializes in cancer research treatment. It's been beaten up pretty badly lately on no news. I was in the green until this past week, but do expect a turn around in the near future (this isn't me doing a pump and dump as I'd buy more now if I wasn't buying a house). It could easily go up 500% or more if its one drug, GVAX, continues doing well in trials and gets FDA approval (no approval it could go to 0). Again, this is a VERY high risk, high reward play, so do your due diligence and remember that it's very risky.

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    • Guy...
      Best of luck and success in the new house.
      Like you, I go back that far, and maybe even more.
      It was costly! Unfortunately, no new house here! Nice to see some of the oldtimers still drop in tho'.

      Enjoy, and keep in touch.

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      • Thanks TT99.

        I'm scheduled to close escrow next week on August 14th. My realtor and my loan officer have been saying everything is right on schedule, but I'm still somewhat anxious/nervous (probably normal feelings for most 1st time home buyers) that something could happen and I may not get my house.

        However, that's probably just me being a little paranoid as I have excellent credit, a long, stable work history, and am putting down over 40%.

    • DOH!

      "I will you all good luck in the future! I may even still check in from time to time."

      should be

      "I WISH you all good luck in the future! I may even still check in from time to time."

      Although I guess I could try to will you good luck too!

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