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  • gw2kbubba gw2kbubba Oct 5, 2009 4:43 PM Flag

    Why risk your money here? Poor middle-management communication

    I don't see why the Federal Marshals office keeps pouring money into this corporation. If they looked at how CCA treated the front-line workers, in under-staffed and dangerous conditions, constantly changing hours and policies while reducing staff to work directly with prisoners below safe minimums and mandating overtime. When will this company understand that their extremely high turnover rate is due to their poor leadership? If the upper management has desires to improve this, it is not trickling down to lower (site) management.

    The latest solution to being short handed is mandating 12 hour shifts; 3 days one week, 4 days the next. That may seem to even out over a 2 week pay period, but it is still forcing hours of overtime on everyone every other week! This company does not provide a reason for worker loyalty, a single attribute which would significantly reduce costs if they would.

    How would you like to work in hazardous conditions where NOBODY is watching your back, with no possiblity of ANY pay increase for the past 5 years?

    This company is a ticking time-bomb waiting to blow itself up. The only question is; which spark will be the one that lights the fuze? Unpaid mandatory work-time, sexual or racial inequities, or a riot and loss of life at a major facility?

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