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  • mince38 mince38 Oct 21, 2012 12:30 AM Flag

    For Profit Prisons is MORALLY WRONG

    You are correct that many of them would kill for fun. But for the ones that actually want to do their time and start a new life and be productive, they cant. They get raped, extorted and beaten regularly. So lets either put them to sleep as you say or let them do their men! But lets not let the really bad ones prey on the bad ones. And what does all this have to do with the fact that since privatizing prisons....our govt costs per person has skyrocketed. CCA promised privatization as a means to save govt money. They have not. So why should they be allowed to continue. A federal court should step in and demand renumeration back to the US govt by the private prisons so that they always,always cost the govt less than a public promised. Also, govt "business" should be earned. Therfore if rehabilitation rates do not increase yearly there should be finanacial penalties.And who cares about the inhumanity in other prisons around the world. Russia I have to admit is very inhumane but they have no gang problems or attacks on guards. They have huge 200 lb dogs walking around with every guard who walk always in sets of 3 or more! You mean we are too stupid to do that here? Why is it taking so long for both private and public prisons to find good rehabilitation programs? Watch lockdown and lockup on netflix, some are really trying, and some are bragging that they can feed their prisoners for less than they feed their dogs! No human deserves that. So as I said, either give them capital punishment and let his cellmate have more room, or make more effort at rehabilitation. I bet if a privatized group of computer whizzes like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and people with just a lot of common sense were put on boards of private prisons, the recidivism rate would plummet and rehab would go thru the roof. This aint rocket science. And its very sad the way they treat prisoners in otehr countries, yet in denmark and sweden, they are like country clubs.................and very little recidivism. Why cant we find a middle ground? And why cant the American people have a say in how things are run???? It is dispicable that prisons were privatized. was worth a try on a small scale. Now that its proven to be a faiulure,why has Obama not even talked about it. I never heard anything!

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