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  • Rusty_Wallace_Fans Rusty_Wallace_Fans Nov 3, 2010 6:17 PM Flag

    For Profit Prisons is MORALLY WRONG

    You are a total moron to say the least. Crooks are the only people who go to jails. Whey would we want to make their lives pleasant as they have no incentive to reform and get out and never go back. There is only so much money in the world. For every dollar we save taking care of crooks, that is more money to help those who really do have a need and are deserving. Have you every considered how great the prisoners have it in private prison facilities compared to average citizens in slums in other countries. You are a blithering idiot who needs to spend lots of time in a jail or in one of those third world countries. Get a life.

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    • Rusty you are the #$%$ and an idiot to top, you have no idea what you are talking about I worked for these SOB'S and let me tell you they are a bunch of #$%$%^ng crooks, they pamper the inmates and create a very family environment around the prison to make it look all chummy chummy for the auditors, I have been a C/O for over 14 years and worked for GEO also who is a private prison and a D/S. CCA is #$%$ll of #$%$, the lobbyist for the company line up politicians pockets $$$$ for favoritism in contracts in the States they are interested in setting up their prison's, they have ton's of cash and own a lot of the properties these prison sit on making the States less vulnerable in (setting up/or construction) making them the most favorable of bidders most of the time. So before you shoot off your big mouth and call anyone a #$%$ do your homework you #$%$%^ing idiot. Plus you #$%$ look how many Judges are under investigation for receiving money from CCA lobbyist, they also run Juvi facilities and will do anything to fill them up. #$%$

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