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  • juryman07 juryman07 Aug 12, 2010 9:17 PM Flag

    For Profit Prisons is MORALLY WRONG

    Profits depend on poor food and lax security!

    i hate this company! and i hate arizona for their corruption in setting up this company!

    may it fail comppletely

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    • prison = slave labor.

    • You are a total moron to say the least. Crooks are the only people who go to jails. Whey would we want to make their lives pleasant as they have no incentive to reform and get out and never go back. There is only so much money in the world. For every dollar we save taking care of crooks, that is more money to help those who really do have a need and are deserving. Have you every considered how great the prisoners have it in private prison facilities compared to average citizens in slums in other countries. You are a blithering idiot who needs to spend lots of time in a jail or in one of those third world countries. Get a life.

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      • Rusty you are the #$%$ and an idiot to top, you have no idea what you are talking about I worked for these SOB'S and let me tell you they are a bunch of #$%$%^ng crooks, they pamper the inmates and create a very family environment around the prison to make it look all chummy chummy for the auditors, I have been a C/O for over 14 years and worked for GEO also who is a private prison and a D/S. CCA is #$%$ll of #$%$, the lobbyist for the company line up politicians pockets $$$$ for favoritism in contracts in the States they are interested in setting up their prison's, they have ton's of cash and own a lot of the properties these prison sit on making the States less vulnerable in (setting up/or construction) making them the most favorable of bidders most of the time. So before you shoot off your big mouth and call anyone a #$%$ do your homework you #$%$%^ing idiot. Plus you #$%$ look how many Judges are under investigation for receiving money from CCA lobbyist, they also run Juvi facilities and will do anything to fill them up. #$%$

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    • Profits depend on POOR FOOD and LAX SECURITY!



      Lets See, Morally Wrong. I guess my definition of morally wrong differs. I think it is Morally Wrong for half of these Animals America to even be allowed to take another breath. Many of those incarcerated have ZERO Human qualities and would Murder and Rape a Child just for fun, and they wouldn`t have a single ounce of remorse. Many of those Animals Locked up have Murdered and Tortured Raped Robbed and Ruined Thousands of innocent p[eoples lives and they would gladly do it again if given the chance. So Morally Wrong it is not to house these Sub Human Freaks for money, what is Morally wrong is to house them at all. Exterminate Them LIKE YESTERDAY.

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      • Agree, but CCA depends on repeat offenders for their income and will do anything for this to happen. If you pamper inmates (ex), popcorn Friday, DVD weekend, pizza parties, fish fry, rap music in the rec yard, satellite TV, Air conditioning, special events, free medical and the occasional dirty officer who will blow any inmate in the prison or bring in drugs for quick$$$$ You really think these #$%$&ing losers are going out into the free world to get a job and pay bills??? keep on dreaming. Keep dirty Governors in office and I guarantee you CCA will reach new highs every 1/4. Politicians should not be allowed to own any stock involving the incarceration/treatment of any individual to include medical clinics and the like. I believe it is called a conflict of interest.

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      • You are correct that many of them would kill for fun. But for the ones that actually want to do their time and start a new life and be productive, they cant. They get raped, extorted and beaten regularly. So lets either put them to sleep as you say or let them do their men! But lets not let the really bad ones prey on the bad ones. And what does all this have to do with the fact that since privatizing prisons....our govt costs per person has skyrocketed. CCA promised privatization as a means to save govt money. They have not. So why should they be allowed to continue. A federal court should step in and demand renumeration back to the US govt by the private prisons so that they always,always cost the govt less than a public promised. Also, govt "business" should be earned. Therfore if rehabilitation rates do not increase yearly there should be finanacial penalties.And who cares about the inhumanity in other prisons around the world. Russia I have to admit is very inhumane but they have no gang problems or attacks on guards. They have huge 200 lb dogs walking around with every guard who walk always in sets of 3 or more! You mean we are too stupid to do that here? Why is it taking so long for both private and public prisons to find good rehabilitation programs? Watch lockdown and lockup on netflix, some are really trying, and some are bragging that they can feed their prisoners for less than they feed their dogs! No human deserves that. So as I said, either give them capital punishment and let his cellmate have more room, or make more effort at rehabilitation. I bet if a privatized group of computer whizzes like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and people with just a lot of common sense were put on boards of private prisons, the recidivism rate would plummet and rehab would go thru the roof. This aint rocket science. And its very sad the way they treat prisoners in otehr countries, yet in denmark and sweden, they are like country clubs.................and very little recidivism. Why cant we find a middle ground? And why cant the American people have a say in how things are run???? It is dispicable that prisons were privatized. was worth a try on a small scale. Now that its proven to be a faiulure,why has Obama not even talked about it. I never heard anything!

      • You have no idea how full of s-it CCA is, I have been a c/o for over 10 yrs. and never seen so much unprofessional behavior in my career. The victims these animals violated would scream if they knew how they are treated in these prisons. ex. popcorn Fridays, DVD weekends, Fish Fry, live music in the rec. yard, Cable TV, a/c dorms, honor housing units, etc.etc. The c/o do not even wear a badge to honor fallen Comrades. I will not invest in this BS not just because of the way they pamper inmates but by the amount of crooked politicians who receive thousands of dollars to promote this business. I do not care if you believe me or not but I would do some research on Google before I invest in this BS. You will find even Judges who have been under investigation for accepting money from their lobbyist to fill up their Juvenile centers. Leave corrections where it belongs in the responsibility of the State, it is also BS that they save taxpayers money, actually the free medical inmates receive is impeccable.

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