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  • tickstock09 tickstock09 Oct 29, 2010 11:06 PM Flag

    CCA up soon

    The 50 or so people in the room included officials of the Corrections Corporation of America, according to two sources who were there.

    Pearce and the Corrections Corporation of America have been coming to these meetings for years. Both have seats on one of several of ALEC's boards

    This site may seem bad for CCA but like Gov. Brewer stated, of course there will be profits, but they are doing it for the saftey of border patrol and arizona, theres no stopping this. this is just more proof of the outrages profits CCA is going to have.

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    • I came over here to see what some were saying about the new Arizona legislation and the potential effect it may have on Corrections corp of America. Those two links tell me all that I have to know. Thank You - and I assume that you meant outrageous profits - not outrage profits, correct?? Although the outrageous profits could cause an outrage! LOL

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      • Lol, Thank you Bohemian for clearing up my typo, but you actually may have accidently added a good point...The "outrageous" profits WILL, or at least SHOULD, cause an "outrage" to the leftist fools who do not understand that this is not only going to protect our country and its future, but also help the economy in countless ways...present and future..Once the bill passes, CCA will make countless money for the many americans invested in it, ALSO, it will 100% discourage more illiegals to enter the country, therefore raising the American labor force, eventually allowing enough Americans to make an honest living and invest more and save the economy...People have absolutely no idea how great this bill is for America, and American traders all throughout the nation are going to profit imensley from this 20 year project...and dont get me wrong, many other foreign companies or peoples can invest,(to explain my addition of the word "American" so frequently) but to them this is "immoral" and need the publicity for polotics, etc.. but for traders like you and me...this is nothing but a cash cow and im never gonna stop milkin it

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