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  • camino482000 camino482000 Jul 15, 2011 12:46 PM Flag

    Disgusting way of running a prison

    A/C, popcorn Fridays, Pizza parties, Fish Fry dinners,Cable TV,DVD weekend, Cartoon Characters painted all over the place sending a mix message to children who visit inmates in visitation as is OK to go to prison, no big deal. What the hell is going on here. I know it is for profit but let's not forget the victims who probably cannot afford to run their A/C due to inflated energy prices. Shame on you CCA

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    • Yes, as a for-profit company CCA likes to spend on extra frills for the inmates. Makes sense.

    • We've got one here in Dallas that is quite the opposite. It's 110 degrees in there, no a/c, they get a water barrel, ONCE a day. At night, they sweat to sleep. I don't think kids should be taken into those things. I've never figured out what GOOD it does them. Prisons should be places that kids hear bad things about and fear from afar. But so many of those inmates are bred from inmates and are so stupid, they don't care what their kids think. The terrible thing is, driving by this one and seeing ONE guard at the gate, a line of 30 cars, waiting for him to search each car, coming and going. Then those folks have to stand in the oppressive heat, outside, and wait an hour to get in. You don't penalize the families, it's tough enough with a kid in there who screwed up, having to live with that. But to humiliate the families is cruel. I know this because I have a friend, successful, all that, who spent a lot of time raising his son, then lost him to drugs. I am fine with making the inside of that prison unbearable. It SHOULD be.

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      • Agree, I only know of this one in Fl. I heard Texas is different, no pampering. Well with all the accusations coming from all over the States to include Judges taking payoffs to inflict higher punishment to juveniles offenders to fill there facilities is being investigated. They actually are changing there tactics all over the States more inmate friendly, of-course you do want them back! You might want to see there Homepage and employee portal.

      • How can you have popcorn fridays in one prison and degrading almost chain gang like treatment at another owned by the same company!!!!!!???? Who regulates this co.???? I never heard Obama or anyone even talk about it. By the way, maybe they are trying to discourage families from visiting. How would you feel if someone murdered your son or raped your daughter and now he gets visits with soda and pizza and hugs every week from his family? What message is his family sending him. In my culture(80% of the time or more) if you hurt another human being badly and you go to prison, we make like you never existed. We dont allow shame to be brought on a whole family by one knucklehead. And guess what, because this is spelled out very early in a kids life.......almost no one ever goes to prison for violent crime. Gee, what nationality could that possibly be? If I had my son in prison Id sure look into the morals of those people,whomever they are. -)

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