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  • lydiaahern lydiaahern Dec 2, 2011 11:12 AM Flag

    Stockholders Shafted on this Stock

    This ia what facism looks like in america- get used to it, and as sick and vile as a concept of privatization of prisons may seem, this will be american prisons are within the next ten years- maybe a few state owned stragglers may still be left but not many- and then you will see staffing/personnel agencies popping up for the prison labor industry division- currently, there are no public companies providing the labor to the call centers, factories, etc that are filled with workers making .20 cents an hour, currently it is still in the hands of the states-but they even give a "pitch" to sell the services-i.e.- no language problems(indian and fillopeno accents) local-no currency conversion issuesfor paychecks , low absenteeism problems-and of course-they call it "repatriation" of jobs back to america- they are calling it the "best solution for the outsourcing of american jobs". if morality exists in the stock buyer-these companies involved in the private prison business is not for you-but objectively speaking- these businesses will thrive-starting in the state of florida. florida will be the leader and the paradigm for privatization-oh what a fine country we have.

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