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  • mince38 mince38 Oct 21, 2012 12:45 AM Flag

    How many prisons and jails does this company own? And.....

    Have any of them ever been closed down? If not, the governing bodies need to be looked at. I mean even govt run prisons like Alcatraz, it eventually sinks in that they are inhumane. So lets say 90% of CXW prisons are almost acceptable, what about the other 10% where corruption and abuse is rampant? I personally would love to offer incentives to the inmates who admit they were raped or stabbed as that would prove negligence on the prisons part. There is no hospital, mental ward or any govt building where a man can be raped or beaten or assaulted and not have a huge case against the govt., why are prisons different? And who may I ask are the regulators at the top of the food chain that make the decision to close a prison? I havent a clue. Does anyone here? I would just say to every person on this board whether they believe in privatized prisons or not, if youll watch the TV series Lockdown and also "Lockup" on Netflix and watch them 2-4 40 min series at a time, something startling will be revealed. The treatment at each prison is not nearly the same, and the respect given the guards is not either. In some prisons the guards are in fear of the prisoners. In other prisons its the reverse!!!! This is insane. There needs to be a national unifying board of treatment not just for human rights, but to analyze rehabilitation and abuse cycles and trends. Right now as you prepare to go to sleep, dozens of young boys 18-20 who are in prison for selling a few joints or doing something silly are about to get raped or molested or stabbed or extorted while you sleep peacefully. How do all of you who have so much to invest in stocks live with yourselves when you/we are the ones who need to be a voice for those without a voice. And Im no liberal, I believe the death penalty needs to be utilized much more liberally...but no man deserves to be a toy for another man. Thats un-natural. As MLK said....America will be remembered not by those who did evil, but by the majority....who did nothing!!!

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