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  • efuddbunnyslayer efuddbunnyslayer Sep 27, 2013 3:10 AM Flag

    You know what's funny?

    It's these loser liberal types that #$%$ and moan about private prisons making money blah blah blah but you won't ever hear them complain about federal, state, and local governments pouring more and more money into really #$%$ institutions where conditions are terrible. They seem to love the government failures everywhere in life but someone does something better and cheaper and it is oh so horrible if they dare to make a dime off of it in the process. Well guess what? Government at all levels is failing and can't pay the bills as it is much less handle the ever growing expense of running prisons. Go ahead and do your #$%$ and moaning but a simple fact is that your acceptance of failing government Mr. Liberal Panty Waste is exactly why this company is in such a good position to clean up by providing a viable answer to a problem that governments can not handle. Look in the mirror Mr. Moan and you are the reason for what you hate....funny isn't it? P.S. I'm making money with this one baby... so suck on that hard rock candy.

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