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  • plez1 plez1 Jan 24, 1998 9:16 AM Flag


    1.70 per share seems to be the number

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    • Hi Rosalied1 and others,

      I too have an
      interest in CCA Prison Stock. With all the merging
      changes within, does anyone expect this to be a great
      beginning for this particular stock. I bought at $38/share
      and now we sit at about $27/share. Is this because of
      the recent
      merge. I think I need some sound
      advise. Would appreciate!!


    • tHIS STOCK IS DOING VERY VERY WELL ! i cannot see why more people are not putting there comments into this board .This stock
      is not even a year old, and if you invested the first day open you would have double your money. i know when it hit 43. from
      buying it at 22. not bad, in seven months!! And it looks like they (CCA) are doing very well. With everybody worried about Asia,
      Iraq , this company has no intrest in the two. they are not invested over in Asia, don't have to worry about Iraq, someone has to
      maintain the prisons here in the US. ANDTHEY JUST KEEP ON GROWING!!!!

    • Yes, I looked at CCA and it is having a nice run. I'm fully invested right now so I can't add to my portfolio. I have LU and that one made me smile yesterday.

      Take care and good luck with the earnings report.

    • Where have you been? stock looking great! Did you every check in with CCA ? There earnings come out tomorrow. It's a great stock, i have made a lot of money with this company . It's at 41.00 today .

      Have a nice day.

    • I think we are the only interested investors in this stock. It has to break the old resistance price to continue the uptrend. I hope it makes it or we will definitely see I pull back or better yet, a sideways action for a few weeks. No, I'm not in CCA.

      Have a nice weekend.

    • Sorry about the capital letters. Did you invest in cca too ? They hit 40 ! I have noticed the volume in cca , they do 10-15 x's than the others ! Thats just wonderful ! Let me just say "I LOVE THIS STOCK!!!"

      See ya,

    • Please dump the capitals, they are considered shouting.

      Our stock is really cooking now.

    • The stock is moving up but no response here. Hello, any one out there?

      • 1 Reply to rosalied1
      • seems like everybody on cca whc message boards here lately. this is a great stock, i have a whole lot of money in with cca.
        but if cca keeps going up, i am sure i will be buying in the near future. you can't go wrong with these two companys. i have
        been with cca for seven years. made a whole lot of money with them. i look for cca and pzn to split in the next 12 to 18 months,
        but i feel if the stock market keeps going up!!! you are going to see a lot sooner. check there charts . i highly encourge
        anyone to buy these two stocks!! check out cca's message board ! cca and pzn same company. cca earnings wll be out on feb. 20th !
        you will see great results!!!! you will thank me later!! if you decide to buy!

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