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  • can vote no next then the stock will be near $50 and you will be singing their praises.....don't worry...these guys know what they are doing......

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    • This article viewed the deterioration of youth
      detention centers the cause of privatization. Poorly paid
      and trained guards. Inadequate food, clothing and
      education. This paper and placement of this article could
      start some debate about abuses at privatized

      Any comments?

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      • I read that article , it mentioned these private
        were set up to make a fast buck, they had no
        in prison management.. the article also stated that
        the big
        well known companies do not cut corners in
        order to make a quick
        buck .. These same abuses were
        also found in state run prisons..
        IT just goes to
        show you can not give contracts to the lowest bidders,
        thats why WHC, AND CXC get most of the big
        because of their good track records..

    • Just wanted to take a look at the PNZ board I'm
      painfully aware of what's happening at the CCA board..
      erskind, I see you're over here with your optimism.. you
      really seem to have faith in this deal...wish the rest
      of us spring might be a LONG way off. $50
      or $15 time will tell on whether it's praises were
      singing or something else...time will tell

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