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  • bslg211 bslg211 Nov 23, 1998 1:24 PM Flag


    Long term must not look good for the President

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    • advisor. Again maybe you can recommend someone. You have my E-mail address. I'm located in Connecticut.

    • Remember, most of the prisons in the US are built
      by states. The states usually don't have the ablilty
      to bankrupt themselves with debt the way the feds
      do. Thats why there is a private prison industry in
      the first place

    • "PZN will also buy and lease back prisons to
      government bodies if they just want the financing and not
      the private operation."

      I'm not sure I
      understand this. Why would the government need to borrow
      money from private industry? That seems contrary to the
      way our bloated bureaucracy usually approaches

      And, if it is happening, perhaps someone here has the
      numbers to put it in perspective for us as a percentage
      of PZN's total volumn of business.

      "On a side
      note, thanks for presenting the negative side of the
      debate here."

      Thanks. Despite conjecture to the
      contrary here, I am long PZN, although my position is
      completely hedged with covered calls. I felt some need to
      play devil's advocate, and express my own deep
      reservations about the risks inherent in this stock. I also
      recognize the rewards possible on the upside. The
      risk/reward analysis of PZN has become quite an interesting

    • was part of the reason for the REIT structure.
      PZN will also buy and lease back prisons to
      government bodies if they just want the financing and not
      the private operation. This frees the government
      bodies from the capital outlay, so the government gets
      the prison now, which they want, and PZN gets
      mortgage payments to pay the dividends. Surely not as
      lucrative as other aspects of the business, but beneficial
      to the stockholder, nonetheless.

      On a side
      note, thanks for presenting the negative side of the
      debate here. I'm not real comfortable with the
      management of PZN right now, although Flipper seems to make
      a good case for the long term. I do expect this
      will take quite a while to recover and there is always
      some possibility it won't. At any rate, it's good to
      have both sides of the debate represented on the

    • Doc's conference call. I felt certain that the
      stock would take a
      big hit. Instead of being loyal
      to PZN, I should have been loyal to my investment
      portfolio. Doc is undoubtedly very hard headed
      and too
      egotistical to make changes in the investor relations
      approach he feels he has to manage himself. As long as he
      to let someone else handle the public
      relations we are at his
      mercy. I am not a seller of
      PZN, I believe it is a fine company.
      I just wish I
      had enough horse sense to short the stock after the

      conference call.

    • It depends on which quote service you access. With Yahoo it is PZN_PA, with BigCharts it's PZNPrA, with QuoteCentral it's PZN_A, etc., etc. They all seem to be different. It's very aggravating.

    • What are the symbols for the pref. stock and other issues?

    • Unless this company is going to go bellyup, a
      13.3% yield to price and a 32% yield to call doesn't
      sound too bad on the preferred which is theoretically
      safer than the common. What am I missing here? Are
      things really this bad?

    • (719) 457-0820, Access Code: 692845.

    • Unfortunately, I don't have the CC replay numbers anymore; someone on the list might. The analyst reports were sent to me by a friend in the business.

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