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  • RetiredPaperman RetiredPaperman Dec 30, 1998 10:34 PM Flag

    I was robbed!!!

    Just last quarter it was increased to $1.92.
    Since that time, the merger has been approved, 6,700
    new beds were added in the 4th quarter and HSBC has
    agreed to provide huge amounts of equity

    I've never heard of Technical Analysis predicting
    future dividends so I assume your analysis of the
    fundamentals led you to your conclusion. Please share your
    assumptions with us. Thanks in advance.

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    • After the merger, PZN will operate as a real
      estate investment trust, or REIT. REITs are required by
      law to distribute at least 95% of their taxable
      income as dividends to shareholders. Because they pay
      out so much of their earnings, they pay no corporate
      income tax. That means that their earnings, unlike those
      of companies that issue stock, are not taxed before
      they are distributed. Thus, investors get a bigger
      share of the profits than they do with stock. When you
      collect those dividends, you also may be able to defer
      paying taxes on a portion of them. (That is, REITs can
      also offer a tax advantage: as much as half of their
      cash distributions may be sheltered.) The most
      successful REITs are regional and often specialize in one
      type of property.

    • I kicked myself for missing the bottom around
      $15. It also zoomed past $20. What many should realize
      that there were many sitting on a 60% increase in a
      matter of weeks. Also, sometimes mergers tend to sour
      the short term outlook on companies.

      There are
      many things going for this company, no matter how one
      views the future outlook of the market. This comapny
      should appeal to a growth investor, a dividend investor,
      a value investor, and the contrarian investor.

      As someone stated in an earlier post. They have a
      year round tenents and plenty of growth opportunities.
      For a long term investor, this will be a tremendous

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