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  • hampton1_99 hampton1_99 Jan 25, 1999 1:57 AM Flag

    Shame shame shame PZN

    I've been doing some research and I have to say I
    am not liking what i'm finding. 2,200 inmates sueing
    because you guys mix them in with violent offenders. If
    this alligation is true guys it should be shutdown.
    Inmates being shocked with stun guns? 20 or 30 12 year
    old inmates placed in 1 man cells in SC and given
    cups as toilets? Is this what you call being more cost
    effective? God I hope not. A University of Florida
    criminology professor accused of multiple ethics violations
    for recieving $3 million as consulting fee from CCA
    on the merger with PZN. Sounds like a bribe to me
    guys. But, I'll admit i have just started my research
    and haven't heard all sides of story. But it doesn't
    look good for PZN. I would encourage all of pzn's
    investors to take a step back and do a little research of
    their own.

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    • Where are the issues. Don't come on here talking
      had about people wanting to discuss legitimate issues
      and not have anything to say but slanders. If you
      have some issues we will gladly discuss them. This is
      an All American board. Freedom of speech still
      applies. If you do have any issues I would be glad to read

    • when you guys talk about Bill Clinton.
      Kenneth Starr. Or just about anything, for that matter.
      YardSale, take a Valium, call your favorite hooker, or just
      stick a sock in it. The rest of you surely have better
      things to do than debate the issues that can't be
      debated. Maybe we are all so red-assed about this
      wonderful company that we must give everybody else some
      shit. Personally, I think that all of us who have
      energy to contribute to this
      infantile place this
      site has gone in the last few days should be sentenced
      work in orphanages, women's clinics,
      prisons, or
      maybe even given guns to go ou and shoot people on the

      Give it up, Einsteins. Keep your freaking
      stupid rants to yourselves. PZN closed UP today, for a
      change. How about that.

    • Is this board about slashing everyone else or is
      it about the future of our investment. I for 1 am a
      Christian and do understand that there was only 1 perfect
      human. That leaves out all the rest including you and
      me. From 1 proud hypocrit.

    • If you would go back and read my post, I do not
      once stereotype anyone. The only comment I made that
      could have you thinking this is if you are in love with
      Clinton. Texas did hit close to home because those private
      companies that abused prisoners gave all corrections a
      black eye. Your posting name may have changed but you
      obviously already have your mind made up about this
      company. I will still be waiting to set any further
      untruths straight.

    • First off I would like to say I'm not a christian
      and I do supprt abortion in times of rape and medical

      With that said... 5000 unborn children are slaughtered
      everyday! We recently celebrated the anniversary of Roe vs.

      I heard recently that there are 5000 ( I
      thought it was 500... but the 5000 number came from Dan
      Rather ) abortions a day times 250 working days a year,
      gives us a murder rate of 1.2 million dead children a
      year! Multiply that by two decades plus a few years and
      you get close to 30 million dead babies!

      dead abortion doctor here, and dead abortion clinic
      nurse there... please spare me your leftist dribble!
      How many millions of dollars have they made by
      killing unborn children? I don't support the killing of
      any human, but these people are walking death
      merchants. I don't have any pity for them because some
      liberal says it's legalized murder. I didn't have pity
      for Pee Wee Gaskins ( a mass murderer in SC ) when
      they fried his ass!

      Now do you see why I say
      Liberalism is EVIL?

      Slowly Liberalism is catching up
      with Stalin and Hitler as the greatest mass murderers
      in the 20th century!

    • "Peace I leave with you, My Peace I give unto you: Let not your heart be troubled." John 14:27

    • so maybe I should have held back before I

      I just get tired of liberals who place more value
      on the life of killers, animals, and trees than they
      do on the rights of an unborn child.

      of all, I dislike the Pat Robertson crowd as much as
      I do those in which you associate. Show mw a
      Christian and I'll show you a hypocrite.

      I'm not
      against doing away with the death penalty. Take for
      example the girl in my state of South Carolina who ran
      her car into a lake and killed her children. I
      thought that the electric chair would be too easy of a
      way out. Lock them all down in complete solitude,
      with no contact what so ever with the outside word.
      They can't talk to anyone or have any rights.

      lifetime of solitary confinement would also cut down on

    • YardSale,

      My prior post probably should
      have been addressed to you since you are King of the
      Hill when it comes to the demonstration of world-class
      hatred and ignorance.

      I don't know for a fact,
      but I'd wager that fully 40% of the prison population
      is less odious than you appear to be.

    • "I am on a mission to cure all ignorance." -

      Wrong. You are doomed to remain on your life-long
      mission to provide a living example of Total

      You and the earlier right-wing nutcase were totally
      taken in by a satiric post that I wrote under
      Hamptonl-99 (that's HamptonL-99, not Hampton1-99). The post
      gave several hints that it was satiric -- from the
      Attica address to the message sent via a tin cup. But
      you and the nutcase of the first post after my
      satiric post live in the world of stereotypes.
      Accordingly, you couldn't see the give-away cliches because of
      your Blinders of Total Ignorance.

      interesting to me that my totally unresearched comments about
      the Texan prisons hit so close to home. There is a
      school of thought that prisoners are, by definition,
      sub-human. More than a few on this board are in that school
      -- probably because they couldn't cut the mustard in
      a real one.

      The fact is that prison
      management is ripe for abuse -- precisely because of those
      who are full of hate. I personally have no qualms
      about locking up the dredges of society. There are
      plenty of low lifes who have no apparent redeeming
      qualities. But, no society that operates from hatred can
      long avoid becoming hateful.

      You and the other
      nutcase have very clearly fulfilled your mission -- to
      demonstrate what happens when hatred overcomes compassion,
      when stereotyping overcomes reason, and when
      passionate intensity drowns out dissenting

      Oh, by the way, I have no inside knowledge. I am,
      however, intelligent enough to figure that abusive
      practices flourish when reason stops. Prisons are, in any
      society, ripe for administrative abuse since there is
      little sympathy for a prison's inhabitants. So, when
      attitudes like yours prevail, one can pretty much figure
      that every cost cutting and dehumanizing gimmick known
      to man is on the table. The problem is that such
      practices necessarily spill over to all the inmates, not
      just the hardcore bastards that neither one of us
      cares about. (You may like to pretend that they are ALL
      hardcore bastards, but that brings us back to your
      unwitting mission to demonstrate world-class ignorance.)

    • I am on a mission to cure all ignorance. You are
      the biggest challenge I have had in a while. 1st the
      facilities you are talking about in Texas are not PZN. PZN
      is downsizing in Texas due to the fact we can't
      compete at the low cost levels you are talking about.
      Because we will not lower to that standard. Therefore we
      are not trying to follow those Texas companies. Your
      friend will have the same outlook on the facility you
      are currently at when he leaves it. Or at least that
      is what he will tell some gullible willing to
      listen. I got your little joke. I do beleive it was
      inappropriate. I don't know if you are for real incarcerated or
      if your humor stinks. I do know you have some inside
      knowledge by your post. Hopefully I have fullfilled my
      mission. Probably not.

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