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  • NewFiber3 NewFiber3 Jan 26, 1999 2:32 PM Flag

    I'm Back.......

    After reading the last few posts, I long for the
    sanity of the "Happy Brigade". Never thought I'd say
    that. I am still a stockholder and still a loudmouth
    but even Longtheory (Monica) sounds good now.

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    • Seems, we all've gotten "new" monickers: you, MK,
      myself?! Do you think, it is all of the sinister DOC's
      doing??!! Whatever one would do on a "boring" company
      thread; even MK has given up! On a serious note, any news
      on new developments, especially the bid in DC?

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      • as for news, nothing that moves the stock much. I
        heard that the onerous GECC financing for OPCO, which
        Bradford discussed at length in their recent report, has
        been replaced. I didn't think it was a big deal, but
        two up days in a row may be related. No news on DC is
        bad news. I said once before I almost wish DC would
        go away. Nothing but trouble - caused a lot of
        downward price movement diproportionate to any gains it
        ever caused or to the extent of financial impact on
        CCA/PZN. At least in the future the landlord can't be
        blamed for the operator's (alleged or real)

        So...what's new with you?

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