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  • BookMan85219 BookMan85219 Jan 28, 1999 6:10 PM Flag


    I read parts of the deadly dull s-3 sec report.
    Did anyone spot the projected combined earnings per
    share? Does anyone have any projection of after merger
    earnings per share? With earnings we can project dividend
    and put a realistic value on this puppy.

    now for something totally unrelated:
    I think a
    conservative believes in freedom. As a life long conservative
    I feel freedom of choice is very important. That is
    to say anti-choicers are not conservatives. They are
    the bane of the Republican party. I wish we could
    give them to the Democrats. Any ideas how we could
    pull that off?

    One guy spoke of the millions of
    unwanted babies not allowed to mature. As owners of
    prisons we are being hurt by these abortions. After all
    fatherless and unwanted babies are those who eventually fill
    our prisons.

    Why don't anti-choicers adopt
    more kids??

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    • and by the way what choice does the baby have?
      Partially delivering a viable child, sticking an instrument
      into the back of its skill and sucking out its brains
      is that your solution to unwanted children? How many
      of these unwanted children have you adopted or even
      provided foster care for? I for one am Pro Life, a
      conservative, and a foster parent of a ten very old abused
      child that I am about to adopt. What have you
      contributed to solving the immense problem of homes for
      children in need? I supose your solution is to put them in
      institutions and let the "village" raise them or possible you
      could chose to..

    • see post 174 for FFO/div estimates.

      off topic. (I really tried hard to stay out of this).
      Political beliefs, religious beliefs and morality are all
      relative. Whether morality embraces any natural truths is
      unclear - it's been debated by a lot of wise people over
      the last few thousand years.

      What is not
      relative is life. Life is fascinating. Procreation is
      fascinating. Understanding the fringes of life is frustrating
      - where does it begin, where does it end. Answering
      the questions of life in absolutes is dangerous. But
      when questions of life are answered in terms of
      convenience, social burdens, stereotypes and presumed
      inevitablility (predestination?), the result can only be
      described as selfish, and puts us on a social scale with

      Then again, from a purely scientific
      standpoint, there may be no difference between humans and
      animals (or plants or minerals). We are, after all,
      composed of the same few elements. Maybe that is the
      dividing line in our fundamental beliefs - either humans
      possess something unscientific or they don't.

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      • Life expands until it sufficates itself. Germs in
        a petri dish will multiply and fill the dish until
        all the food is consumed or their own waste products
        poison them. Around 1900 the deer population in the
        Kaibab forest of AZ exploded. They ate everything in
        sight including the bark off the trees. Their
        environment became so degraded the population collapsed not
        to recover for many years. It is believed there is a
        deer cycle of boom and bust population. Looking at the
        filthy cloud over Phoenix that comes back within two
        days after a rain one tends to think that people have
        reached a natural population limit. Only a little worse
        and deaths from poison air will slow growth. The
        anti-choicers are fighting an uphill battle against the facts
        of nature. Either people voluntarily limit their
        numbers or nature will cruelly do it for us.

        study of mice badly over crowded found an increase in
        violent acts against each other, insane like behavior and
        homosexuality. Could it be that our booming prison population is
        related to crowding? We are indeed in a growth

        Still curious abount combined profit number?

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