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  • flipper_58 flipper_58 Feb 1, 1999 11:17 PM Flag

    Funny I guess I never realized it after

    posts over the last few weeks. I've had different
    pictures in my mind of the average REIT buyer, you know,
    counts his pennies, hates everybody, never buys a new
    car, buys booze by the price not the taste, chews
    cigars all day, knows for a fact anyone that works for
    the Gov't has to be stupid and lazy(perfect for a PZN
    buyer), and of course couldn't stand that bitch long
    enough to have kids.

    So in comes the NEW PZN
    message broad and listen to some of the "stereo Type
    comments" <<<<<How many of these unwanted
    children have you adopted or even provided foster care
    for? I for one am Pro Life, a conservative, and a
    foster parent of a ten very old abused child that I am
    about to
    <<<<<Some are sensitive guys who fell on hard times -- real
    nice and affectionate men. They don't deserve the
    brutal conditions and the overcrowding that your beloved
    company passes out.>>>>

    And then of
    course the names,
    "sharegodslove","pussythepython","souldollar", and of course "flipper_58"... not your typical
    REIT buyers names.

    I guess I was wrong and
    should rethink the "90's" REIT buyer. Sensitive, loving
    and caring. It almost makes me think I could vote for
    Bill Clinton........NOT.

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