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  • MyOpinion_99 MyOpinion_99 Feb 9, 1999 2:29 PM Flag

    To ALL

    Read the report and decide for yourselves:

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    • I have read the report. Based upon my previous knowledge, it is accurate and fair. The findings and recommendations are sound.

      Thank you for the URL.

    • First off I'm highly critical of anything
      produced by Janet Reno and her staff, but since this isn't
      a politically charged issue, its probably a fair
      report and assessment, unlike some of her other findings
      or lack thereof (Chinese fundraising). Having said
      that, I'm a resident of DC. The Youngstown facility
      involved DC inmates and the DC Dept of Corrections. (As a
      disclaimer, there are plenty of you out there who know about
      Doc and his alleged motivations more than I do, but I
      have a pretty good handle on how DC works, or let me
      say doesn't work.) This is a city that elected a
      crack-head as a mayor. (He's gone now, but his dirty work
      will take years to clean) Regulatory departments in DC
      are as dysfunctional as pounding a square peg through
      a round hole. My point is to take this report and
      others like it with a grain of salt. The writers of the
      report are pencil pushers for life. The regulators and
      bureacrats at the municipal and state level are even more
      infested with cronyism. This prisoner transfer issue has
      been a hotly contested issue for sometime. Hotly
      contested because the DC govt "f" it up from the outset.
      Just show me the money!!!

    • Commitment letter from Barclays for $100mm of
      financing for OPCO which will wipe out measly GE $30mm
      financing. New financing also at interest rate that is 2%
      better than GE.

      For anyone who really understands
      this company, the re-financing is enormously positive.
      It will be interesting to see how stock reacts once
      news completely disseminated. If stock doesn't move,
      goes to show people don't really understand the story,
      if stock up big (3/4 points min.), people do

      My opinion.

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