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    • Thanks for posting the link to the article. It
      was very informative and even a bit scary. There is,
      however, a bit more security to what PZN is doing than the
      writer apparently understood. In a past conference call,
      analyst, Jennifer Childes, asked Doc whether States can
      prevent the transport and incarceration of out-of-state
      prisoners. Doc's reply?

      No. The company is involved
      in interstate commerce protected by the U.S.
      Constitution. States cannot impede interstate

      It's kinda scary that the folks in California don't
      know this yet.

    • With a current stock price of $19.50 and earnings
      of $2.28 PZN has a P/E ratio of 8.5 based on
      trailing earnings (FFO). Next year's earnings are
      estimated to be somewhere around $2.60 which represents
      around 15% growth over this past year. In my humble
      opinion PZN is undervalued at its current stock price. If
      FFO continue to grow at a 15% annual rate over the
      next few years, then the FFO should be around $3 in
      two years which would justify a stock price of about
      $45 per share in two years (15 X 3 = $45). (Back in
      the fall, before the merger, Value Line had two very
      positive analysis reports (9/98 & 12/98) on CCA, its
      prospects, and its upcoming merger. Value Line believed that
      the merger was a very positive move with a number of
      financial advantages to the company as well as to investors
      who were willing to be patient.

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      • For providing some good info re PZN. Flipper
        could you provide
        more details on Hong Kong Shanghi
        Bank purchase of stock
        each month. Is this new
        stock from PZN and who sets purchase
        price? Are they
        driving price down so they can get shares cheap?

        Other Reits are selling for 10-13% yield and go down as
        rates go up is this is why price is weak?

        there any tax advantage or disadvantage in owning a
        in an IRA?

        Are there any firms with a strong
        buy on PZN?

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