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  • Agent00077 Agent00077 Feb 16, 1999 10:27 PM Flag

    Thank you Sam__0534

    Polyrat ... in my experience people have any
    meaningful history of making money in the stock market do
    not expect others to listen to the few times that
    they have made money. It is assumed that those who
    communicate in that manner have lost much more than they have
    made, and are in such communication only trying to
    convince themselves as much as others that they are in the
    most general sense "making money." But please take
    these criticisms as constructive.

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    • I wasn't referring to the size of our pocketbooks.

      The school of hard knocks teaches you something everyday. I just learned something about you.

    • In what way has your "school" bested flippers?
      How can you even make such a statement when you have
      no clue how good or bad flipper has done on his
      CCA/PZN or other investements?

      During the Q4
      decline and subsequent recovery, flipper bought CCA on
      the cheap and held on for a very nice gain. Netting
      all of his CCA/PZN trades, flipper is to the
      positive. I know this because we were on-line sharing
      specific trading strategies during this period.

    • You of all people should know that opinions are
      like a--holes. Everybody has one. You get yours from
      your degree in finance or law (depending on which post
      you read), I get mine from the school of hard knocks.
      So far my school has beat yours.

    • The nastier the messages the closer to the
      bottom. The nastiest posters at that point control the
      board and in the end fade away(except those canned by
      the firm)because their usually arguing issues already
      reflected in the stock price.

      As usual just my
      confused opinion.

    • Go easy on polyrat. He innocently fell into
      diabolical Cleo's trap. He debuted mentioning trading and
      long-term value; Cleo, with forked tongue in cheek, asked
      for explanation, which he rationally gave. New to the
      board, he thought Cleo would appreciate a response. Next
      she will no doubt offer him her asp for

      Aside to Cleo - glad you're still hanging around.
      Faithful fiber is dutifully tagging along at your heels.
      One question for old times' sake: did you love PZN a
      year ago?

      (I think I know the answer - you
      could have cared less about PZN, it was CCA you loved.
      Dell today (tomorrow) reminded me of CCA when they
      missed earnings in Q3 '97. Growth stocks that fail to
      meet growth expectations tend to get hammered.)

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      • An old friend, you DO see a good trap, when there
        is one. Still, I wander, you did not notice the one,
        DOC sprang on all of us.
        But you too earned your
        stripes, by staying here, unlike Anderson or LT, who are
        no doubts were "useful idiots or paid shills" (it is
        obvious now with their disappearance after the
        Sam, Agent and Fiber will help me in keeping DOC's
        feet to the fire and lost all your brigade,
        not counting Flipper, who does not know what he wants
        from his investments (and what he is in life) and
        occasional "auditing" by General. Now, you will feel the way
        I felt in the summer.
        You've got my answer to
        you Q about PZN just right, but so did all the
        management of old CCA; they all went to the private
        ny, CFO, lady from investment relations, etc. etc.
        What do THEY see there, that we don't. No stock
        options, no stock appreciation rights, no growth??!!

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