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  • Agent00077 Agent00077 Feb 17, 1999 8:20 PM Flag

    I just want to be nnnaaaassssttttyyyyyy!

    If that, apropos to a prior posting, is what it
    takes to create an absolute bottom for PZN. LOL. As for
    Flipper, I just wish I was as smart as he is. As for mean
    things said on message boards, within limits we will get
    over it, and if people are a bit too thin skinned then
    maybe they should go to the board for "tree huggers" or
    some such place. As for Longtheory, she still visits
    us incognito as "Earitch" on occasion (hi LT). And
    she very much deserves the criticism heaped upon her.
    Apparently she felt so embarrised by her "shilling" that she
    felt too guilty to post under that name anymore ...
    but the fact that that indicates the capacity for
    guilt makes me want to forgive her. I say nothing
    better than a reformed sinner.

    Its funny ...
    this board is going to stay here no matter what people
    say. Hey ... what is somebody going to do, burn the
    damn thing. LOL. And what is somebody going to do to
    me even if I say the worst thing they have ever
    heard in the last 10 years ... kill me ... when they
    don't know who I really am or where I live. I may be
    the last one on this dang board one fine day, but I
    am staying here. Way I look at it, the winner is the
    last one left on the field of battle when the smoke
    clears. eotm

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    • I know earitch. Earitch is my friend. LT is not earitch &
      earitch is not LT.


      • 2 Replies to frichard98
      • But, how do you know, who LT IS??!!

      • Let this 'ol country boy see here. Now, when I
        criticised Longtheory, someone named earitch started posting
        for the very first time and stated that they just
        happened (yeah .. right) to know Longtheory. Now that I
        stated that earitch is
        Longtheory ... (hey 'yall
        guess what) yet another "new" identity, frichard98,
        comes to town here and states that earitch is not
        Longtheory and that he knows earitch. Hmm ... boy this is a
        tough one isn't it. If one is even roughly familiar
        with statistical probabilities, the only conclusion is
        that all three are the same identity. (Wait a minute
        ... my girlfriend is laughing about all of this so I
        must pause) Anyway, I guess the part that upset
        Lt,earitch, and frichard (if you read the old postings it is
        clear that the style is that of a female) was that I
        said she had been a sinner. And I know that you all
        are thinking about now ... gosh, doesn't this guy
        have a life. Why is he so concerned about all of this
        anyway?!? Well the reason is that no I do not have a life
        ... so there. But just you remember ... one day I may
        get a life and then you won't have to worry about it
        any more. But I also am at least trying to be
        entertaining since PZN is not very entertaining anymore (but
        yes little Cleonew I am still happy happy). Anybody
        know where the vasolene is?

    • If I remember correctly LT quit posting when he
      was identified by a poster. I do wish he were back to
      give us his insight. I do wonder who got the picture
      of him in his panties was it for guessing the price
      at the end of the year. Doubters have a little

      P.S. Texas is building prisons yearly. This might
      answer the question of how they calculate prison space.
      Also lots of counties and private companies have space
      that might be in the count.

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