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  • Agent00077 Agent00077 Mar 3, 1999 11:14 PM Flag

    Rumors and facts

    I just hope the "rumor" stays just that ... if it
    becomes a fact then the stock will drop at least a couple
    of bucks; much as
    sagi. in the prior post said
    about buy vs. strong buy. It appears sometimes that
    there is an inverse relationship between this stock and
    good news. Remember, it started moving up within days
    of the basically negative story on T.V. a few months
    ago. Maybe it is kinda like the Clinton thing whereby
    his ratings went up as the scandal became
    progressively worse for him. I have a suggestion. Lets chip in
    some money and have one of Cleo's most critical
    postings put in the Wall Street Journal, and I think the
    stock would double in a couple of days. Or maybe we
    could get Monica to mention the stock in passing while
    talking to Baba Wawa. Or ... well ... I think you get the
    drift here.

    By the way, we have had a lot of
    new folks contributing to the board of late, and I
    want to welcome you to our little part of the world.
    We have it all here ... sex, implyed violence,
    creativity, bad spelling, good spelling, vindictiveness,
    honesty, lying. The good guyes are usually referred to as
    the Happy Brigade. If you are happy enough and stay
    that way even in the fact of adversity, then you can
    be a member. I think I am a second generation Happy

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