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  • Yep845 Yep845 Mar 4, 1999 4:29 PM Flag


    Anybody know anything about TransCor America?

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    • about TransCor. I'd call either CCA or PZN since
      either is toll-free. Since PZN is the publicly traded
      company and CCA is the private OPCO, only PZN has an IR
      department. Here are their respective toll-free

      CCA: (800) 624-2931
      PZN: (888) 350-7348

      PZN, Peggy Wilson Lawrence is Vice President Investor
      Relations. Peggy's able assistant is Kerry Reitz. I'd expect
      you'll get knowledgeable answers to your questions by
      going directly to the source.

    • Transcor is a part of the operating company CCA
      as we are refered to. It must be profitable, all new
      busses are being purchased and they are expanding there
      numbers. Thinking of opening an office in Colorado. Rumor.

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      • Denver & The West
        Woman claims private
        guards assaulted her ACLU files suit against
        over prisoner's trip from Texas
        Kirk Mitchell
        Denver Post Staff Writer

        Page B-01
        (Copyright 1999)

        The American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado
        filed suit Monday against
        the nation's largest
        private prisoner-transport company on behalf of a

        woman who claims a guard sexually assaulted her during
        a five-day trip
        from Texas.

        America employed an all-male crew for the March 1998 trip
        Colorado despite similar incidents, similar
        lawsuits and a company policy
        that required the
        presence of at least one female guard, the suit filed in
        District Court in Denver alleges.

        "It is
        time for TransCor to take full responsibility for the
        safety and
        treatment of prisoners that the
        government entrusts to its care," ACLU
        legal director
        Mark Silverstein said. "No woman should ever have to
        what our client went through."

        spokesman Kevin Townsel could not be reached for
        from the company's headquarters in Nashville,
        Tenn. Corrections Corp. of
        America, which runs
        private prisons in Colorado and nationwide, recently

        bought TransCor, the ACLU said.

        The 43-year-old
        plaintiff, who is not named in the suit, has been married
        19 years and has four children, Silverstein

        She lived in Colorado for 20 years before moving
        to Texas and was
        returned to the state by
        TransCor to face a welfare theft charge, for which
        later received probation, he said.

        A TransCor
        employee named Jesse or "Sarge" assaulted the female

        prisoner during pat-down searches, the lawsuit

        "He repeatedly slid his hands up her thighs and
        touched her buttocks when
        he applied leg shackles,"
        the lawsuit says. "He repeatedly touched her

        breasts while handcuffing her."

        The assaults grew
        worse during the trip to Colorado, the lawsuit
        Referring to the prisoner's shackles, "Jesse"
        would often say, "When you
        are wearing my jewelry,
        you belong to me."

        He allegedly warned her
        not to tell anyone because no one would believe

        her and he knew where her family lived.

        woman also was forced to go without using a bathroom
        for more than
        13 hours at a stretch because
        guards insisted on watching her, Silverstein


        TransCor, which also transports prisoners for the
        Colorado Department of
        Corrections, was transporting
        the plaintiff for Fremont County. Fremont
        officials could not be reached for comment.

        suit, filed by attorney John Webb for the ACLU, joins
        two similar cases
        pending against TransCor in
        federal court in Denver.

        "When it comes to
        regulations governing interstate transportation, circus

        animals and cattle receive more government protection
        than prisoners,"
        Silverstein said.

        prisoner transported from Ohio to Colorado spent 20 days
        through 20 states including New York and South
        Dakota. Prisoners endure
        these long trips without a
        change of clothing and often are told to urinate in

        milk cartons, Silverstein said.

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