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  • GenJackripper GenJackripper Mar 10, 1999 5:07 PM Flag

    (OT) The General's flag is at half staff

    THAT'S WHY the title of the posting was prefaced
    with << (OT) >>, a message board courtesy
    which, to the informed lurker, means "Off Topic" and
    thereby alerts a lurker to the fact that the subject
    matter contained therein has no relevance to the
    thread's subject stock and, if they choose to, they can
    pass it by.

    HOWEVER, should even a casual
    lurker, possessing a modicum of perceptiveness, have read
    #498, they might have surmised from its content that it
    in some way related to its poster's screen name, a
    poster who had been a frequent contributor to the
    pre-merger CCA thread almost from its inception and who
    continues to try to make factually relevant, sometimes
    amazing, sometimes amusing contributions to the PZN

    It is also quite possible that that same casual
    lurker, having read posting #518, could surmise that the
    numeral in its poster's screen name might in some way
    relate to said poster's Intelligence Quotient.

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    • First of all I DID NOT post 518. But it is VERY
      MUCH relevant to this thread. Because these continued
      escapes from your beloved PZN are only gonna make pzn's
      legal troubles worse. Lets face it if Pzn can't keep
      inmates under control they have no business in the
      As for intelligence quotient i really take
      issue with that being as how u don't know me. You may
      not like my posts but i have not attacted your
      intelligence. I have been investing since 1986 and i know what
      i'm doing.

      • 3 Replies to hampton1_99
      • If you are going to bash PZN by saying we can't
        keep inmates under control, have some facts to back it
        up. I have worked in corrections for several years.
        Escapes happen in every operation. Every operation has
        legal troubles. That is part of the risk. You may know
        what your doing but if your going to invest in the
        industry you might find out what we're doing. Or you could
        just base your decision on yahoo post. Your call.

      • It is evident from my posting's title, who I was
        addressing, and from its content, why?

        Do you see your
        name mentioned or is there "transference" because you,
        too, have numbers in your screen name? If the latter
        is the case, I'd better not handle any mail in my
        mailbox that shows up with "flipper_58" in the return

        Secondly, the number of the specific posting I was
        responding to is shown at the bottom, below the

        At the time of my posting (then, #520), the posting
        I was replying to was number was #518. As of this
        posting, it is now #516, and #518, which your posting #540
        characterizes as <<VERY MUCH relevant to this
        thread.>>, happens to be MINE (as can be noted, at the
        moment, from its reference # below your

        There is a risk one takes in citing a posting's number
        in the body of the message because while they may
        have been the correct reference # at the time of the
        posting, they are forever cast in concrete as such while
        Yahoo keeps changing them otherwise.

        I'm "long"
        PZN, not <<beloved>> of it, as you've
        stated. I reserve such terms of endearment for "people",
        NOT "things", and also the finer qualities of
        character that people are capable of exhibiting. I realize
        in saying this that someone lurking out there will
        take me to task for excluding animals or "pets" from
        meriting the appellation, "beloved." They, too, are
        entitled to their opinion.

        I have never expressed
        an opinion about you or your postings. In fact, I
        appreciate postings of factual content, especially where
        attribution or reference is provided. I am just as interested
        in factual "negatives" as I am in factual
        "positives", maybe even moreso as that is a basis upon which I
        can continuously re-evaluate an investment's merits
        and the possible impact on a stock's market

        Others may possibly take issue with your posting's
        content, hampton1_99, but until you see my screen name
        attached to a commentary of one of yours (as this one
        does), don't assume ANYTHING about my opinions of you or
        your contributions here.

      • Seems the glimer has worn off even in their home
        state. Over the past couple of years the governor has
        tried unsuccsefully to privatize a major portion of
        Tennessees' prison system, albeit unsuccseful. Cant even get
        it to the floor. (he had large backing from doc. and
        the boys. Early this week a bill introduced in the
        seante would take control of (largest facility and its
        showpiece South Central located in Clifton Tn), and put it
        back under state control. If they cant keep home
        cooking, then whats going to happen next.

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