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  • GenJackripper GenJackripper Mar 7, 1999 11:30 PM Flag

    (OT) The General's flag is at half staff

    Stanley Kubrick, who, at the age of 34, produced,
    directed, and co-wrote the screenplay of the classic black
    comedy, "Dr. Strangelove", a film that gave cinematic
    life to the character of General Jack D. Ripper, died
    today in his home in St. Albans north of London. He was
    70 years old.

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    • Yo Flip. I got a real kick out of your post that
      suggested I open a checking account in HK. I do not share
      the same fears as what's her name about longer
      sentences being a benefit to investors. However, I do like
      sensible mandatory minimums such as the ones I mentioned
      earlier that have just been established in Florida. Man,
      I just heard a news report. Sorry for this OT
      comment. W. Jefferson Slickmeister (along with others) is
      going to strike Yugo. As we say in the South, we are
      "fixing" to lose some boys. G

    • We do have other facilities that house their inmates though, so I'll be carefull what I say as an investor.

    • ....than he is. Just pokin a little fun at ya. I don't believe you keep their inmates anymore, do you?

    • This is a public board isn't it. For all I know you could be him.

    • I did not mean to hurt you; just to continue
      driving the message, that you all, great supporters of
      DOC and Co., were had.
      As far as Billy Joel, I
      know Billy Joel, I like Billy Joel, I even look like
      Billy Joel!!! Maybe, I am that woman, from Billy Joel's

    • You said "..the real Flipper is a Jack of all trades and a Master
      at none."
      My dear Flipper, this is the FIRST time in a LONG time I AGREE WITH YOU!!

    • One moment you're inviting us for dinner, the
      next you're kicking us when we're down. Hope you're
      long on PZN so you can "feel our pain", as that
      unconvicted criminal said.

      Anyway, you remind me of
      one of Billy Joel's greatest:

      She is
      frequently kind
      And she's suddenly cruel
      She can do as
      she pleases
      She's nobody's fool
      But she can't
      be convicted
      She's earned her degree
      And the
      most she will do
      Is throw shadows at you
      she's always a woman to me

    • A Jack of all trades and a master at

      When I see all the internet stocks screaming up around
      me I recall an article written from an Investor. He
      had sold all his stock awhile back feeling the stock
      prices had gotten way a head of the fundamentals. All
      around his friends were making money. He'd reached the
      point of feeling stupid and depressed but decided not
      to get back in at the end of the article. It was
      written in 1928.

      I watch this crazy stuff all day,
      it's truely amazing. No one plays solitarie on their
      computers at work anymore I guess, they pump on caffine and
      trade story stocks.

    • Got you 60 cent dividend and the stock price went
      down 60 cents.
      No pain, no Gain. As NIC pointed out
      rightly (despite that Baker's effect), it is not really
      60 cents, 'cause 've gotta-give
      25% to Uncle Sam
      (probably more like 33%). Add to that 9% that OPCOs keep
      for themselves, and it look more like 42% tax
      The last time I looked, top corporate tax rate was
      35% (Flipper, need your help here; since you have not
      decided whether ya is a Lawyer or a Banker, might as well
      be an Accountant).
      With the Market pushing
      10,000, wonder where would a nice GROWTH stock be now:
      $30, $40, ..$50. Ops, sorry, I've got to go to cash my
      $60 (er) CENTS!!!

    • You wouldn't tell that to Dennis Cunningham...would you?

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