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  • NewFiber3 NewFiber3 Mar 8, 1999 3:39 PM Flag

    Are you Crazy-----

    --------or what?

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    • Hope your tan's better, 'cause mine is long gone.
      Nic has hinted to me that Baker's no longer works
      anyway. On March 31, I plan to open my dividend check
      with a Brunello di Montalcino and say too myself "Wow!
      I've got cash and didn't have to sell any stock or do
      any work!"

    • I was not "involuntary" inspecting a PZN facility
      (I know, it would be a dream of yours, but, then,
      you are dreaming from last April; besides, as a
      shareholder, I probably could expect some perks, like having
      Internet access, so as my postings about DOC would have a
      sense of continuity!). In fact my tan is now no worse,
      than yours, probably, and I continue to prefer Chateau
      Margaux to Baker. So there!

    • I have never found you to be otherwise. Only some, including persons alleged to dally with asps, have chosen to cast aspersions on my character and reputation.

    • I will certainly be more circumspect and respectful in any of my replies to YOUR postings.

    • But of course all investments carry some sort of
      risk. It's the balance of expected return verses
      expected risk is the key, IMO.

      The tobacco
      business continues and some investors continue to make
      money dispite huge legal problems. IMO, for the Private
      Prison Industry to have large legal problems means it
      must be doing much worse than it's public counterpart,
      I see the opposite.

      The risks which concern
      me more are political not legal.

    • First I have read your discussions on the
      earnings and I have to say there were some good points
      made. But I am of those out here that think that
      considering all the legal troubles this industry has faced in
      the past and WILL continue to face in the future. I'm
      not sure its long term future is as secure as some
      like to think. My question is are you guys really
      comfortable investing long term capital into it knowing that
      a $2.40 per share dividend will not be enough to
      make up for the capital loss that either you or your
      clients may incurr should this industry (Private prison)
      not regular reits fall even farther out of favor than
      it already is? You regulars will write me off i'm
      sure and thats ok But its something that you would be
      a fool not to consider.

    • Yes you Gents are correct, thanks. Of course in
      the long term the new equity better be accretive or
      there is no sense to issue more stock. But since
      Prisons take a few years to build it will be dilutive in
      the frist year or 2, yes?

    • I stated a month or so ago that this stock was
      going NOWHERE until it broke the 25 level. 20 3/8
      today. Its gonna take a whole lot more news than just a
      dividend announcement to get this one out of the gutter.
      If your a long term holder of this company you may
      see a pop (MAYBE!!) But, if your a short term or day
      trader with a long position on this stock your gonna be

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