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  • tommythecat3 tommythecat3 Mar 26, 1999 10:38 PM Flag

    What do you get for $8/share these days?

    Here's the way Yahoo determines the way they're
    going to show the dividend and its yield (actually,
    it's the way Reuters does it and Yahoo gets it from

    It's a bit complicated and not the way the rest of the
    world does it. They are trying to get at a recurring

    So, here's the rules:

    1) If the stocks
    dividend has been different for the last 3 quarters (for
    example, if it's increased every quarter), they will use
    the sum of the last 4 quarters (they assume it's not
    recurring and not stable, regardless of the fact that it's
    only been increasing in most cases).

    2) If 2
    of the last three dividends were the same, they will
    annualize that number and use it to calculate the yield.
    (again, assuming it's recurring and stable).

    don't know why Yahoo is screwing up PZN's yield. They
    should be showing $0.48 x 4 = $1.84. It must be related
    to the merger. Maybe the CUSIP number changed or

    Who cares, anyway? Anyone who studies the stock will
    learn the value of the business. People who are
    investing because they see a stock yielding 12% and they
    know nothing about it will only add volatility and
    risk to the stock.

    My $0.02. Hope it's useful.
    Buy it, stick it away and forget about it.

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