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  • abaldor abaldor Mar 26, 1999 4:54 PM Flag

    Value verses Momentum Investing...JMHO

    Flipper I have some problem with the arithmetic.
    How can cash flow and earning be higher than sales?
    Earnings are sales minus all cost of sales, expenses,
    interest and taxes. In any normal business a person that
    comes up with such a creative accounting would be a
    guest at their facility instead working for them.

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    • I copied and pasted those numbers from Fidelity's site. No wonder thet are not a buyer of PZN.

      • 1 Reply to flipper_58
      • I'm not missing the point. In fact, you restated
        my point.

        If the accusation you make is true,
        the lawsuit fixed it. Right? Why would the wronged
        parties settle for less than they were allegedly screwed
        out of? You said at the time the settlement was
        announced that it involved substantial concessions by
        CCA/PZN (I, of course disagreed, but who am I to argue at
        this point?)And the court agrees with you that the
        suit wasn't frivolous - that's why they gave the
        attorneys so much for their considerable effort (I'm trying
        hard not to lose my lunch).

        Long story made
        short - you (or those of your ilk)had your day in
        court, so quit bitching.

        The IRS does NOT have to
        rule on this. They can challenge it at any time via
        audit, but their best chance to sustain a challenge
        (substance over form) is lost. Assuming PZN continually
        meets the mechanical requirements of being a REIT, they
        can prove the form reflected the substance because of
        this lawsuit. Like I say - cheap insurance.

        a reminder - more than the merger drove this stock
        down. I've gone over those facts with you before.

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