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  • r7ualj r7ualj Apr 20, 1999 10:21 AM Flag


    The Augusta Chronicle

    Page A04
    (Copyright 1999)

    newspaper has always supported Georgia Corrections

    Commissioner Wayne Garner's no-nonsense policies with regard
    prison inmates. There's a big perception, though,
    that Garner has run
    amok with regard to the new
    private prison program.

    Jenkins County will be
    the home of Georgia's sixth private prison. Yet

    this prison and two others under construction are not
    being built through
    state contracts!

    would the Nashville-based Corrections Corp. of America
    on such a seemingly risky, costly move?

    Well, the CCA claims it has an "understanding" with
    "the state" (through
    Garner?) to fill their three
    prisons and recoup their $135 million
    investment. Now
    guess who is Garner's longtime best friend? Oily
    lobbyist Jim Hammock.

    Yet Garner claims
    he's had no talks with any CCA employee about the

    three prisons. (If any discussion has taken place, the
    law has been
    broken.) State law also requires
    that any contract with a private prison
    firm must
    be awarded through a competitive public bidding

    Garner is leaving office, so what better time to
    ask him and the CCA
    what "understanding" there is
    to circumvent legal open bidding? Gov. Roy

    Barnes says he knows of no such "understanding."

    The CCA already holds state contracts for two
    prisons, and Hammock
    boasts of having powerful friends
    in the Democrat-controlled General
    Assembly. So
    does the nation's largest prison-building company
    figure it
    can just get its legislative cronies to
    get competitors shoved aside so it can
    from running three more prisons?

    Also, did
    Garner provide Hammock with secret inmate statistics

    indicating a new governor would quickly need three more
    prisons in order
    to handle an unanticipated inmate
    influx due to tightened parole board


    An Atlanta newspaper reports Garner called
    Hammock 48 times on his
    state car phone in the 63
    days after the Request for Proposal was issued
    the first two prisons CCA built.

    That was
    before CCA got the contract -- and was a direct
    violation of
    the RFP language. So what other funny
    business has a telephone- happy
    Garner been up to?
    Will he later end up working for CCA?

    governor should intervene in what could be the first
    scandal on his
    watch. If Hammock is successful in
    lobbying key lawmakers to
    rubberstamp and fund the
    three new prisons without competitive bidding
    violation of state law, it will make a mockery of Barnes'
    government" promises.

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    • Same old Cleo..same old Cleo - finding fault with
      everyone else. I'm responsible for her failure to clearly
      communicate; Clinton's responsible for all of America's ills
      and Doc's responsible for the popularity of anal sex.
      (Well. perhaps their's a germ of truth in the
      Thanks for putting me in the same analytical
      company as LT and Anderson. Actually my talents lie in
      other areas but I appreciate
      the compliment. I'm
      just another shareholder, like you, with a big loss in
      PZN. No claim to genius and omniscience like

      You take good care Cleo, ya hear

    • point, and wholeheartedly agree with the second. (Perhaps one of the few times we agree! Although I also tend to agree with the last paragraph of you msg to cwt.)

    • An exclamation sign after a question sign is used to accentuate the question, to show real surprise. This is still much clearer, than 95% of verbiage used on this and other boards!

    • your sentence ends in both a question mark and an
      exclamation *point* or *mark* (emphasis mine).

      "I do
      not recall much about it being publicized. Any

      I have no idea what you may have been taught, but I
      had English teachers who would have torn up a paper
      with a sentence ending with both.

      No matter,
      this isn't English 101, but do try to be more accurate
      in quoting yourself.

    • If you, as a PZN shareholder, like to be f!@#$ed
      in the ass by this management and the "independent"
      board, like many CCA and PZN shareholders are, who am I
      to tell you NOT!
      On the other hand, if you are
      real Charlie Thomas, I guess, for
      3 mill.
      smuckaroos, you would probably do anything, including putting
      your own head, where management was getting
      And, that is, even though I totally agree with Charlie
      on the basic issues of privatization. I just would
      prefer, he wrote his opinion in the capacity of a college
      prof, not a $3 mill. consultant, as not to taint the
      But, then, again, THIS IS the modus operanda of this
      company, so you are not really sticking out, like a sore
      Also, the mental lethargy, that envelopes this board,
      is appaling.
      However, this is the same sort of
      attitude, that gave this country a Clinton, that created
      those monsters in Colorado, that pays some gorilla,
      right out of college, who can't pronounce his name, but
      can carry a ball, gazillion bucks, that makes Stern
      and Geraldo the most popular personalities in the
      media, etc., etc.
      Maybe, Gary Bauer is right - this
      country is in trouble!!!

    • If you read my post about insider sales
      carefully, you would dis-
      cover, it ends with a question
      mark, not an exlamation sign. I was as surprised by
      that Yahoo info, as anybody, and was asking Thread to
      comment on it!
      As far as my agenda and my integrity is
      concern, you can shove your opinion back, where it came
      from; where your normally keep your grey matter (or,
      whatever passes for it in your case). I have no doubt, you
      are one of the same ilk, as those "independent
      thinkers", Anderson and LT, i.e. USEFUL IDIOT OR A PAID
      (now, this IS an EXCLAMATION sign).

    • Doc and others bought more in March. PZN has been
      tadeing in a box for a while. This stock should start to
      move up the letter. Now might be the time to get in. I
      have been holding for the end of the rainbow.

    • Life 95...I can easily understand your harsh
      reaction to the inaccurate information (or accurate
      disinformation) Cleo pushed out regarding insider selling when
      there had been no selling and, instead, there had been
      insider buying up to and including this month. Try to
      remember that his or her misunderstanding of just about
      everything that's happened with PZN for the last year is
      really intended to provide a bit of comic relief for
      those who do understand. The last thing I and perhaps
      some others would want to see would be a reduction in
      the number of his or her amusingly inaccurate
      postings. And no, Cleo, I am Charlie and not MK.

    • Shame on you Cleo. It's one thing to argue the
      con position - another to lie and mislead. You have
      completely discredited yourself and it is clear your agenda
      and conscience do not allow for decency.
      really must be getting desperate. I wonder what you're
      afraid of. What skin is it off your nose if PZN

    • CCA-managed, PZN-owned contracts/facilities
      provide the best margins and are the most sought after
      situations. Management only contracts are fine if the numbers
      are right, but recent experiences in Texas show that
      competition is driving margins down and reducing the number
      of opportunities meeting CCA's criteria (also, in
      the future that income won't be going to PZN -
      although it will allow CCA to pay high rents on PZN owned
      facilities). The new opportunity is PZN-owned,
      government-managed facilities - something that wasn't available in
      the past. That may be where the big money is in the

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