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  • Go2Glenn Go2Glenn Apr 20, 1999 11:00 AM Flag


    When it comes to managing prisons, Garner has
    been controversial due to his belief that prisons
    should be as they were intended -- houses of punishment.
    He got rid of the law libraries, the workout/weight
    facilities, the the TV's, etc. This, coupled with former Gov.
    Zell Miller's "3 strikes and you are locked up for
    life" sentencing reform, habitual felons are getting
    put away in Georga (don't wet the bed, Hampton).
    Garner and Gov. Barnes are on different pages
    politcally. The Augusta Chronicle, a left-leaning daily, has
    been used as the attack machine (contrary to their
    statement, I haven't seen anything in print showing their
    support for Garner). In Southern politics, you just don't
    replace your adversaries. You kick them out, conjure up
    some dark clouds, and sling some mud. I'll follow this
    story and keep the thread updated as it develops. GA
    does need those new facilities. G

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    • Atlanta Journal Constitution - 4/20/99

      The New Corrections Commissioner - Jim

      The 61-year-old grandfather of eight said he probably
      will order an audit of the agency to "see what I'm
      inheriting," but he already knows he will have to turn his
      immediate attention to space issues.

      "I believe
      Corrections is full," Wetherington said.

      About 3,000
      sentenced felons are backed up in county jails waiting for
      a space in the state system, which already is
      growing by about 1,700 a month. D.O.C. already has moved
      inmates into tents in prison recreation yards and into
      bunks in common areas in cellblocks. The state also is
      renting space in three private prisons.

      Wetherington has served as a police officer in Columbus, Ga,
      since 1959, including 14 years as Chief of

      Due to the ole supply and demand principles, PZN most
      likely will prevail in GA, IMO. G

    • Why is there so much talk about CCA and prison
      guards on this board? I thought PZN was going to become
      a REIT and most of their income was going to be
      derived from building prisons and other correctional
      facilities and leasing them back to whatever governmental
      agency they are doing business with. I thought PZN would
      not have anything to do with the management part of
      the business.

      If the above is true, why
      should CCA's problems reflect negatively on PZN. For
      instance, Franchise Finance of America builds and leases
      restaurants. If somebody gets food poisoning at a Wendy's, or
      Hardees, or a Chili's that was built by FFA, don't blame
      FFA. They just built the physical plant. They didn't
      cook the burgers. Please enlighten me.

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