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  • pruman98 pruman98 May 20, 1999 12:13 PM Flag


    I believe the major reason for the decline in
    share price is the increased cost per bed that PZN must
    pay to Correction Corp. that was announced last
    Friday. An increaseto $4,000 from $840 per bed is not
    This also shows the lack of trust shareholders can
    place in managements announcements.
    However, now
    that the news is out what affect wilthis have on the
    bottom line? What was the FFO prior to the announcement,
    and what is the projected FFO considering the higher
    costs. Is the FFO high enough to keep the dividend safe?
    Is the FFO per share expected to grow? These are
    questions that must be answered in order to determine the
    value of this stock.
    Please let me hear feed back
    from anyone who has answers to these questions.

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    • This is the message that I sent to Doc:
      I am a
      holder of 3000 shares of PZN which lost half of their
      value in the last 2 weeks. The primary cause for this
      debacle is due to the way the management presented the
      change in the lease with OPCO and subsequent loss of
      trust of substantial number shareholders in the
      credibility of the management.

      I think that it is
      high time that the management engages in a major
      public relation campaign to regain confidence of the
      investing public in PZN and its future. Hiding behind so
      called quiet period just exacerbates the situation and
      will further erode the little credibility that was
      left in the management and drive the price of the
      stock further down.

      I am urging you to read the
      hundreds of messages of large number shareholders that are
      posted on Yahoo PZN board. Although some of the messages
      are unworthy and offensive most of them were posted
      by people who are serious and concerned about the
      future of PZN and the way management is dealing or
      refraining to deal with the situation.


      We should all call this guy and bitch. It looks like
      he has been on the government tit his whole life as
      used to work for the prisons in Ohio. Now he is a
      congressman. Scary. He's important now. People will have to
      respect him now or else ......

    • Just finished and sent my letter. As I have said in previous post if nothing else you'll feel better. With that said I'll sleep better tonight. Tomorrow should be a interisting day.

    • I sent this evening an Email message to PZN IR
      and cc'd the following email recipients and Since the messages
      did not return as undeliverable after 2 hours I
      assume that at least one of the Crants received it.
      (Normally a wrong Email address returns as undeliverable
      within 30 minutes) I am suggesting to anyone on this
      thread who has an meaningful message to Doc should try
      to send it to the above listed Email recipients. May
      be it will wake them up to our concerns.


    • Let these bastards see that we know where they
      live. Let them know we want something positive posted
      even if it comes from a small retail brokerage firm
      like Davenport. Tell them what a arrogant son of bitch
      we think Doc Grants is. Do it!!!!

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      Why is Investor
      Relations so arrogant?
      by: buselli45 2012 of 3131

      Much has been written on Doc's performance, However we
      may not be able to get rid of him but for sure
      someone should do away with the PR Dept. especailly
      Investor Relations. What a bunch of arrogant bastards. I
      urge everyone to send an E-mail requesting input from
      either Doc or one of his associates to address this
      Posting Board. I don't think this is unrreasionable for
      investor confidence.

      Send them a note I
      quarantee if nothing else you'll feell better.

      Posted: 05/25/1999 10:15 pm EDT as a reply to: Msg 2011
      by jimbojinx

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    • There will be a special lump sum dividend of
      $1.50 to $1.55 paid in December to satisfy the REIT
      requirement regarding the pay out of retained earnings
      acquired in the merger with CCA. This is in addition to
      the normal $0.55 fourth quarter dividend to be paid
      in December, and, as I understand it, there will be
      a 5 cent special dividend in December also for a
      total December pay-out of $2.10 to $2.15 per share.

    • I know the dividend is .55 and that they have a
      special dividend of .05 which totals .60. The .05 is
      associated with the cca merger,however is there a lump sum
      dividend that hasn't been mentioned or is the special
      dividend enough to satisfy covenants with the merger? Any
      info. is greatly appreciated.

    • I thought it was going to be $2.50 but was wrong........

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