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  • GenJackripper GenJackripper May 22, 1999 8:38 AM Flag

    The good news is ......

    that Yahoo and the General finally agree on the market capitalization. It's only taken Market Guide about 20 weeks to get the S/O current (and correct).

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    • Has anyone read the Barrons article about this
      company. It explains the recent problems with reworking
      their contracts , prizon breaks and dividends. Not a
      favorable article by any means but it explains why the
      stock is floating lower.

      • 2 Replies to barronsreader
      • Where would we be without Barron's, that
        prescient weekly that has led us into many an ambush, and
        prompted me to sell some stocks way too soon. I look back
        and remember their bearish stories on Microsoft a few
        years ago, their pounding the table on MA/Com just
        before it went into the toilet, their touting of (the
        late) Penril which cost me more than a few bucks, and,
        oh yes, they even warned that Anheuser Busch (BUD)
        looked a little toppy a little over a week ago. Got a
        few profitable trades as people dumped the stock down
        to 68, only to have it recover to 76. These days, I
        almost regard Barron's as a contrary indicator. If they
        are pessimistic on PZN, that can't be too bad.

      • All,

        The folks at the correctional
        facility I visited are vey upbeat! They cite a proven
        track record and growth such as: 1) 60MM 1600 bed
        started in Feb.99 in Florence Arizona, expected to open
        in early 00 and generate annual revenues of 31MM. 2)
        37MM 1104 bed Tallahatchie Miss. facility projected
        for completion in 00 and to generate 37MM/year. 3)
        Two 1524 bed 45MM facilities to be completed in July
        00 to generate 23MM each per year, etc.,

        Bottom line is I feel comfortable with what for me is a
        large stake and plan to take advantage of this fire
        sale by accumulating.

    • <eom>

    • How about a discussion of a prison break,
      lawsuit, prison riots or whatever else terrible could

      It seems to me that these sort of problems have been
      occurring in govt. managed facilities for years. Is the
      govt. liable or do they pay out when these things
      happen. Surely, PZN has thought of these possibilities
      and come up with some sort of plan to handle it.
      Also, it there were a problem, wouldn't any lawsuits,
      etc. be directed at OPCO, not PZN? Let's say OPCO was
      sued and lost a lawsuit and had to file bankruptcy.
      Wouldn't common sense dictate that someone else, maybe
      even the govt. would step in and lease the prisons
      from PZN?

      I am considering putting some big
      dollars (for me) in this stock and would appreciate a
      serious discussion of these issues. Thanks.

    • I'm the sure discussed would be 9.75%, not 8.75% as indicated. I can live with that rate..I was worried it would be higher.

    • I have known you long enough, to appreciate the
      only one word missing in this latest of your
      "brilliant" missives. The word is, obviously, CLEO. Well, old
      pall, I am sure, that deep inside, you
      are in fact
      jelous of all my CHUTZPAH! Well, as many other things in
      life, some people get it and some don't.
      But, I
      think, the more relevant question is, is it better to be
      bullshit right or brilliantly wrong.
      For my money, I
      would always take the former!

    • My last post to Flip was in the spirit of making
      PEACE, not starting a war. But, boy, you, Happy
      Brigaders, coming to his defence?! Like, it was the worst of
      things said on this board ever.
      I said loud and
      clear, what I did not like in Flip's posts about me. Go
      back and reread it. I think, he understood. But, you
      did not. Well, given your history on this board, it

    • 1)A done debt deal at a slightly higher interest

      2)New coverage and recommendations once the bond deals

      3)20% profit margins.

      4) Favorable REIT law

      5)WHC still not winning much business.

      Further opening of the Opco books...just my

      7)A host of new financing friends due to PZN new

      8)20% profit margins...did I mention that?

      those that downgraded, will upgrade once the road is

      10)Speculation bubble looking shaky, this will attract a new
      audience of value investors that's know there isn't always
      a greater fool when it comes to stocks selling at
      2,000 times earnings.


    • Your answer is, how do they say it in court,
      But, I would be happy for you to spellcheck all posts
      on this thread! Less aggravation for me and MK and a
      meaningful contribution for you!

    • It was fair and balanced, other than the
      possibility of "another shoe dropping", there was nothing
      negative and new. And the comments about payments of the
      dividend were positive in my view.

      I also wondered
      if those interest rate quotes were a typo. The way
      that it was written sounds like rates were

      Of course, I would not underestimate the power of
      having our little fiasco aired in Barons. Its not a
      pretty story, and seeing it written out has its impact.
      It would not surprise me if there were some shorters
      shaking the tree on Monday just because of the

      Best - - - ST

    • hs3441

      I think you can hit Quotes and News at the top of this page and get the answer you are looking for.

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