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  • GenJackripper GenJackripper May 22, 1999 8:38 AM Flag

    The good news is ......

    that Yahoo and the General finally agree on the market capitalization. It's only taken Market Guide about 20 weeks to get the S/O current (and correct).

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    • I love your enthusiasm.. Good luck. Just a couple
      of points:

      1. There are plenty of things
      averaging>15% dividends which are just fine.. (just about every
      high yoeld fund, forexample - and many intelligently
      and thoughtfully managed reits) In general, you are
      correct - then again in general, stocks don't trade at
      350 tikes 2 years' projected earnings (qcomm, yhoo,

      2. Boston Chicken reorganized in a similar fashion.
      Now they're selling frozen TV dinners. Whole lot of
      good it did shreholders who now have zip.

      appreciate your enthusiasm and share in your hopes. However,
      pardon me if I have yet to garner enough trust in
      management, ML, analysts, or anyone else after what's
      happened. I feel all alone in the great west with no one to
      turn to - although I think I'm not the only one who
      feels that way!

    • I just bought this stock two days ago at 4.5625
      and I have loved the increase thus far. I for one am
      very glad that the new investors are stepping up to
      the table. Any one who held on to this stock over the
      last six months have no one to blame but themselves!!
      Just a hint, when you see a stock yielding 15%+ in
      dividends, DON'T BUY IT. If we have to dilute the old timers
      to get this company on a growth curve again I am in
      favor of it. I for one will be voting my 10,000 shares
      in favor of this deal!!!

    • I bought this stock two days ago at 4.5625 and
      love the increase thus far. Anyone who rode this thing
      down over the last six months have no one to blame but
      themselves!!! (Hint: whenver you see something paying at 15%+
      dividend, DON'T BUY IT, SOMETHING IS WRONG!) Its not like
      you couldn't see it coming. Bring on the new
      investors. If we have to DILUTE the old timers to BRING back
      growth I am all for it. I for one will be voting my
      10,000 shares for the deal.

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    • hs3441

      I think you can hit Quotes and News at the top of this page and get the answer you are looking for.

    • Have not gone through the math but voting no has
      nothing to do with getting special or regular dividends.
      IT will be too late in 3 more days for that anyway.
      If PZN does not declare the special they won't be a
      REIT any way.

      Will the stock go to zero? Of
      course not. A rights offering could be rammed through to
      raise some quick equity. This is of course as long the
      books have not been totally cooked.

    • deal will be voting for this stock to go to $0.
      Forget the freaking special dividend and let the new
      SI's try to straighten this company out and get the
      stock price moving in the right direction. That is how
      you will get your capital back. No buy voting no
      because you didn;t get your special dividend.

    • So when is the fourth qtr preferred div get declared and paid? Anyone?

    • hear there are a lot more new problems with pzn than this

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