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  • Stiletto7 Stiletto7 May 24, 1999 4:21 PM Flag

    The two reasons I hold this stock

    1. The dividends

    2. The right to vote against Doc and his cronies.

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    • should leave the board. Characterizing the four
      of us as "Bad Investors" because of one bad (for the
      time being)call. Someone as bright as you and in your
      line of work should know better. Your presence will be
      missed, but should we visit single digits I'm confident
      you'll return.

    • who believed man could be defeated but not
      destroyed? No - wait. Man can be destroyed, but not
      defeated! Ah...lemme is a cabaret, old chum. I
      know RAUGAR, but can't think of his name.

      So... I guess you think this is the end. The best may
      be yet to come...who knows? Your "hubris" is matched
      only by Doc's.

      As you leave, remember what
      Billy Joel said (and I mentioned to you 'bout a year
      ago): "Turn out the lights, don't try to save me. You
      may be wrong, for all I know you may be right."

    • Take a walk on the RAILROAD TRACKS on the way out.

    • Cleonew you can rest on your throne for a while, we have been taken to the cleaners.

      And remember...we're cutting out the personal stuff right?

    • The only poster on the board who makes sense, right now : RAUGAR!
      (Sorry, MK, RP, Gen, Flip - you are all nice fellows, just BAD INVESTORS!!).

    • It is amaizing, that you all had to go thru that
      much pain and losses, to finally realize the same
      things, I was saying ONE YEAR AGO!!! YOU CAN'T TRUST THIS
      MANAGEMENT!! PERIOD!!! Everything else is irrelevant, cause
      you never know what other rabbit is in the hat!! BOND
      WERE DOING ALL LAST YEAR. Until this company purges
      change!!! The only people with the moist and starry eyes
      left, seems to be the Happy !@#$%, residing on this
      board! (maybe, on some others, too, but I don't go

      Don't discount my question on % winning bids. Someone
      mentioned PW report. There, Litt repeats almost verbatim,
      what was said in the company Q release. But, I would
      not be surprised, if he and others will soon change
      their song. And, so it goes!! ( who said that,

      I think, I will leave this board now. Nothing else
      to say! Unfortunately, it all panned out the way I
      predicted!!! Let Anderson and LT come back and sing their

    • to the point. Thx for your posts. Post anytime the spirit moves, please.

    • You say you're holding on so you can vote against
      Doc and his cronies. I assume you mean board
      elections. But PZN, unlike the former CCA, has a classified
      board of directors, which means that only 1/3 of the
      board is reelected each year. Accordingly, it will take
      2 years, at a minimum, to vest control of a
      majority of the board in outsiders not handpicked by Doc.
      And even that process is expensive and rarely

    • Everyone seems to think that doc (Vader) is
      hiding the ball from them. Grow up. Why would you build
      up a company only to tear it down especially when
      your family's wealth (including little Skywalkers) is
      concentrated in PZN. The OPCO investment pales compared to
      what they have in PZN. I think doc has done what he
      said he was going to do except that everyone is scared
      now that Arthur Andersen advised the company to amend
      the leases in order to bring them up to a fair-market

      I find it comical that the so-called
      analyst downgraded the stock after it fell 3 points. They
      will upgrade as soon as we pop up a couple of

      Just another yahoo ....

      • 1 Reply to docisayahuuu
      • Management has leaked several $100 miilion from
        the old CCA to their new private CCA.They will
        recapitalize the company in the future and own majority
        interest. Do we have any protection from them buying
        interst in the OPCO in the future? no They hold the
        contracts and can set any price to buy into

        They will float positive news (lies) out for another
        six months. Then they will say the IRS did not
        recognize the leases as FMV leases and force them to adjust
        the leases based on cost + 5% margin.Isn't that the
        formula they used when they sold the properties to PZN
        under the old CCA? All part of the game plan ,in my

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