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  • starro01 starro01 May 25, 1999 4:36 PM Flag


    you sound like someone who has been in the business or done a lot of study.

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    • Thank you. I provide contract services to most of
      the larger correctional corporations as well as some
      government entities and have learned these things "the hard

      I think it sometimes helps to understand how
      facilities operate, even though it seems to have very little
      to do with how investors perceive the company or its
      financial machinations.

      Imagine if we could learn
      this much about government-run institutions - more
      people would support privatization,

      Appreciate very much the comments from Flipper and
      GenJackripper: I followed Flipper's comments on another board.
      Very solid, intelligent observations.

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      • there was someone on last night i believe,talking
        about the saleries paid to the line staff at pzn
        correctional facilities,he stated it was hard to get good
        dependable,knoledgeable employees with the saleries paid,he is very right
        in what he said.there is a lot of state run
        facilities having the same problems.with pzn they want to
        pay good saleries for the upper management
        people whil the line staff are not getting paid enough
        to feed their families.

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