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  • rainbowroygbiv rainbowroygbiv May 25, 1999 9:31 AM Flag


    a web page that shows facility utilization % by

    If you go to this page, and scroll down to the
    privately managed prisons section, they show data on the
    Eloy Detention Center. As I understand it, this is a
    CCA/PZN facility for federal inmates. The data they show
    on the page is as of May 21,1999. It shows only 1195
    of 1500 beds occupied, 79% utilization.

    does not seem to jibe with the press release that was
    put out by the comapny which indicated all beds in
    the federal system are at 100% capacity.

    anyone understand this? Is this definitely a PZN
    facility? Are all the beds supposed to be for Federal
    Inmates?? I am confused.

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    • olddaddygram. Speculation is fine, but your post
      read as if you knew as a fact that there had been
      stock manipulation. There just seem to be a lot of
      posts trying to blame everyone but management for what
      has happened to the stock.

    • Yeah, I know. I just through the thing in the garbage. My point was that this was an extreme case that demonstrates the rule, these class-action security suits benefit the lawyers and nobody else.

    • I didn't realize that we didn't have the right to
      speculate on this board. Those other 2000 or so posts,why
      havn't you criticized them for their speculations. Since
      when is the part brokerage houses and marketmakers
      play not an issue in the price of a stock. In answer
      to your question, I am looking for justification for
      the current price of PZN's stock. I am long in the
      stock and am trying to infer through my message that
      PZN is more valuable than it's price. I blame
      brokers, analysts,market
      makers, bond issuers and Doc
      for the price being where it is today. That's why I
      suggested the SEC look into it. My only proof is that I
      have personally received funds from a major brokerage
      firm because a broker fraudulently misrepresented a
      stock to me and others. So, I know these things are
      possible. In the case of PZN, I have no proof, at this
      time, of anything like this happening. Sorry if I
      stepped on your toes.

    • you don't have to sign off on any settlement you don't like. If you get zip and are asked to sign away your rights, tell the lawyers to take a hike.

    • "Brokers, analysts, et al, took advantage of PZN.

      Do you have evidence of security houses shorting the
      stock, or are you looking for justification for the
      current stock price beyond the recent management
      missteps? If you have evidence, please share, otherwise
      focus on issues not speculation.

    • Brokers, analysts, et al, took advantage of PZN.
      Certainly some of the critics shorted. Some of the past
      major boosters of PZN in the brokerage business
      shorted. Fortunes have been made by the shorts since Doc's
      unfortunate telephone conference with the analysts. The SEC
      should investigate what some of the brokerage houses
      have done. Many sheep have been sheared. Brokers
      holding a
      short position that advised their clients
      to get out bear some of the responsibility for PZN's

    • their day in court and I sincerely hope
      everything works out best for everyone involved. I wish
      nothing like that would ever happen in any facility and I
      wish there wasn't a need for such

      That's one of the differences between me and my friend
      R2D2, as nic has penned him. I wish incarcerations were
      not necessary; I would gladly have found other
      investments that certainly would have worked better for me.
      If prisons were not needed, R2D2 and his work
      associates would have to find other employment; it is their
      livelihood. Despite their protests, they don't want better
      prisons or better conditions for prisoners. They want the
      maximum number of prisons staffed by the maximum number
      of Unionized guards. No reasonable person can say

      Also, as opposed to the R2D2's of the world, I'm
      searching for "the truth" in regards to PZN as an
      investment and as a company. If anyone wanted to search the
      old CCA archives they would see some pretty stinging
      indictments from me. R2D2 is what nic has referred to as the
      consumate paid shill. He (she/they/whatever) scour the news
      (and they do have one hell of a search engine) for
      negative news on PZN. Never any balance. Interestingly,
      not even any negatives on WHC. Why is that? Because
      he knows that WHC and CPV are not the threat to
      Unions. It is PZN (re-read our new poster who talks about
      CA. allowing private prisons of less than 500
      occupency to be built). If WHC/CPV has the market share and
      momentum of PZN, the attacks would simply be

      I will say that as far as posters go, I do in some
      ways respect R2D2. He makes no attempt to hide who he
      is or what his mission is. There is honor in

      Back in the 70's I shorted stocks more times than I
      went long. There is absolutely nothing wrong in
      shorting a stock. It actually often serves to shake up
      management and cause positive change. I've learned alot from
      some of the negative posters on this board - cleo is a
      good example. I'd love nothing more than for PZN to
      make whatever changes are needed to bring her over
      from the dark side.

      Good luck to all.

    • A couple of years ago I got a notice that I was
      being put in a class for a lawsuit against a group of
      market makers. The negotiated settlement was that the
      lawyers got some money and the plaintiffs (i.e., me) were
      asked to sign off on the deal by giving up our right to
      sue the MM's for the same supposed actions that had
      damaged us, whatever they were. No money to the
      plaintiffs at all, just to the lawyers - we plaintiffs just
      had to sign away our rights. What a scam!!!

    • .....let the guards have their day in court. Why do you so easily convict them. Let a jury decide.

    • I bought PZN after the fall, but before it hit
      it's low. I went thru a class action against DELL when
      it fell to 12.50 a few years ago. Did not get much.
      I own 2,500 shares. They said my share should be
      over 5,000 I received 500. Class action suits only
      bring the price of the stock down and make lawyers rich
      and it looks like there soon will be more lawyers
      than stock holders. I'm keeping my stock, still own
      Dell. I'm a small fish but a long term holder.

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