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  • Prophet_of_Profits Prophet_of_Profits Jun 1, 1999 9:05 PM Flag

    Cliches: Time-worn bits of wisdom.

    I don't KNOW whether this stock is currently a
    bargain or not. I bailed at $12.75 -- at a substantial
    loss -- for one reason. Management screwed us all

    It's a matter of: "Screw me once, shame
    on you. Screw me twice, shame on me".

    Or, to
    put the same operating principle in other terms, when
    you lie down with dogs you must expect to get

    Why are there (at least) two cliches to describe this
    same situation? Because people have learned, usually
    painfully, that you cannot win when doing business with the

    With no ill will toward any current shareholders, I am
    hoping that the lawsuit prevails. I don't expect to see
    anything out of it, but if it brings down management,
    fine. (I'd love to see the lying, money-shuffling
    bastard in one of his own prisons -- if, of course, the
    allegations are true. [Gotta cover my butt.])

    My two
    cents: Take the loss and move on. Adhering to the
    principle of refusing to play with a fixed deck will save
    you more money than a possible turnaround in PZN will

    Finally, NEVER own a stock just because of its dividend. A
    small reduction in the stock's price can obliterate the
    dividend and more.

    All this, of course, is
    opinion. The allegations in the lawsuit may be unfounded.
    (But they surer than hell LOOK familiar to this guy.)

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    • All you whiners that have sold your stock and are
      hoping the lawyers are going to make you whole, stop
      praying, it won't work,

      1)This whole merger
      has been through courts

      2)These merger
      documents went though many different firms and they signed
      off, so forget your fraud business.

      won't be making any money for 2 years anyway. Doesn't
      someone have to profit to get sued? Or do lawyers now sue
      even when you losing money.

      Selling on rumors
      doesn't sound like a good way run your money, at an all
      time low to boot. Sounds to me, in every investment
      book I've read, to do the opposite, when others can't
      stand the heat.

      • 1 Reply to flipper_58
      • Not whining,just stating facts.I watched the
        stock and this board for a long time before i ever
        wrote the first line,i did a lot of home work and
        listen to a lot of public opinion.This country is not
        ready for this kind of punishment for convicted
        fellons.public opinion will go a long way when the elected
        officals start seeking reelection.the courts also are not
        sure of the ideal of private prisons.I think the big
        fight still lies within the federal court system.

    • bailed out and suffered a loss,Ialso know i
      couled have had a bigger loss or I felt I would if i
      stayed in.mat be wrong they may come back stronger than
      ever,but i dont think so,looking at there operations
      within the department of correction,problems they are
      having,all the bad p.r I dont think there will be a
      recovery.I hope im wrong because of there are still a lot of
      people with a lot riding on the company.

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