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  • nicotinefree nicotinefree Jun 6, 1999 8:34 PM Flag

    From the ridiculous to the sublime---

    Damm! Now you're not only a banker, you're big
    enough to loan the old Doc money??? Wheeeeeeee. Let's
    see if we can get this straight, now. You're a banker
    big enough to loan PZN $$, you go nuclear when
    something you bought at $13 goes to
    $11, (BTW, boys and
    girls, this buffoon was flaming PZN before Friday..In
    fact, he/she/it came here flaming PZN)....and
    schizophrenic alterego is named tnbanker 24. Does that "get"

    You say "I know more than you might think." I don't
    disagree. If you can do more than count to ten without
    taking off your shoes, I'll give you that

    Look "Bankerman," you're not worth the
    energy, so
    have your way. The Nicster has better things to do
    than this. My point is made, however, and reinforced
    by your
    last two posts. You are the fraud.
    have no credibility. You are part of this campaign of
    disinformation that has taken
    over this board. And nothing
    you post here should be believed by others.

    must admit, though, this last one is a
    real hoot.
    Yeah, "go further." Tell us,
    brother, about the
    copious amounts of $$ you loaned to PZN. Tell us about
    how Doc
    came to you and your big-time bank for
    Tell it all, brother. When your handlers come back
    tomorrow, we can probably all say a big Texas "adios" to
    your ass, 'cause you definitely left the old
    braino' this weekend.

    Apologies to the board. If
    you don't like/agree with my opinions, I do use the
    same ID every time, and mine aren't required reading.
    Just understand that
    you are being subjected to an
    campaign of disinformation.

    Best. Nic

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    • What is the potential for a corporate raider to
      take over PZN and sell off the OPCO leases ? It seems
      to me that every prison PZN is involved with is
      undervalued,based on the current stock price. I believe convincing
      arguments could be made to state governments to buy back
      their leases and issue bonds at a rate that would give
      them a much lower capital expenditure rate than they
      have now. I realize the bonds would adversely effect
      the states' bond ratings and the public would
      complain about it, but their is no question in my mind
      that the prisons owned by PZN have a greater value
      than the stock. Do the leases with the states, the
      loan agreement covenents with the lenders and bond
      instruments address this question?

      • 2 Replies to olddaddygram
      • I seem to recall something about the REIT bylaws
        that make hostile takeovers difficult. I'd have to do
        some research to figure it out, but maybe someone else
        could help.

        I posted last week that if I could
        raise the money, I would buy every share of PZN,
        leverage it up, pay myself a huge dividend, sit back for a
        few years while it cash flowed away the debt, then
        sell it for for a few billion dollars profit.

        Well, I can't raise the money, but Doc is surrounded by
        plenty of folks who can. Sodexho, Massey-Burch, Baron
        Capital, HSBC and so forth. Those of you calling for Doc's
        resignation will see this company go private first. And
        before that happens, Doc will no doubt do everything he
        can to vindicate his strategy. Might be able to,
        might not. At some point though, in Doc's words, it
        falls in the category of "life's too short".

      • Do a little home work and you will find out almost ever state pzn deals with wants them out or are having problems with there operated facilities at this time.

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