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  • onictock onictock Jun 14, 1999 5:14 PM Flag

    needing perspective?

    Take a look at the buy interest messages (and the lack of sell interest) for today's trading.

    Punch in PZN.

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    • Clark Kent. PZN is going to hell because I see it
      coming. I see the end of the world coming too, you think
      I'm joking, but just you wait. Sorry you will have to
      learn the hard way. BTW, what prompted you to choose
      your favorite quote? Lots of screen names seem to have
      been created for just this board.

    • I think all the things you say are true, except
      I've stopped trying to predict the stock

      I have changed my tune because I'm upset that
      management has made no material changes to prove to
      shareholders they we will correct the course of the events.
      The new clip about being "happy" about raising 1/3 of
      what your looking for at 300 basis points higher then
      expected really set me off. I'm very frustrated, for I
      like you see this as a great business with a promising
      future. Management, to allow their financial condition to
      get to this state has become reckless.

      normal financing costs this company would be growing
      it's promised 25% compounded growth rate and making
      serious in-roads into the corrections field.

      one little newsclip like, "we at management are aware
      of investors concerns and will be trying to make
      attempts to address them." It only makes common sense. I'm
      really starting to think that's the one thing being
      missed here.

      Managements recent decsions reminds
      me of stock market timing models, your guaranteed to
      lose your shirt if you stick to it no matter what cost
      because it worked for awhile.

    • I beg you difer,there seems to be a lot of nonscense concerning this stock.but it is finished as suggested by several post.

    • have you followed this site long, and does it
      seem to be indicative of short term price

      unless I am missing something, thomsoninvest seems to be
      saying that institutions had strong interests in buying
      during the day, but the stock still managed to close

      how can that be? I would think that the more
      institutional interest there is in buying, the higher the
      shares should go...

17.51-0.63(-3.47%)Aug 26 4:02 PMEDT