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  • Agent00077 Agent00077 Jun 19, 1999 2:26 PM Flag

    Statistical trivia re: ADV

    I have not posted for awhile on this board, but I
    just felt compelled to mention a few things:

    You bought the stock knowing that their were risks,
    so grow up and accept the actualization of some of
    these. You liked Doc enough when the stock was up ... so
    now all of a sudden you don't like him any more. Oh
    yes I forgot ... he lied. Well of course all of us
    always tell the truth. Grow up.

    2. Grow up. I
    have said it before and now I am dang well saying it
    again--no you cannot control who posts or what they say. Uh
    ... remember ... this is not Nazi Germany .. this is
    America. Who is making you read them? I do believe that
    they have subjects and screennames that should warn
    you not to read them if you already know the post
    will probably offend. Isn't reading the post, knowing
    that, kind of like masochism? Grow up. Yes General and
    olddaddygram, I realize that the aforementioned does not apply
    to you. (BYW ... my favorite post, LOL, was when
    diamond d "told" everyone to quit rendering postings that
    are not kind to the manner in which PZN is operated
    (boy talking taking things personally [ouch]); ergo,
    this does not apply to him because he is simply too
    limited to appreciate it) Talking about
    crying-in-the-sandbox-time. Maybe some of us would feel more comfortable
    investing in Toys-R-Us.

    3. Yes ... I think Doc is
    brillient. He literally invented a whole sector in the
    economy. Did you? Small minds gentlemen. Small

    4. To the shills and "pissers and moaners": Please
    keep posting on this board. It will build character.
    If I were you I would be laughing my rear end off
    (and I am sure you are ... and you should).

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